Multiculturism at Work

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sven, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. Two stories about how people are getting together so that they can understand each others cultures

    In High Wycombe there are dinner parties organised inviting guests form other cultures, whilst Gill Hicks - who lost both legs in the 7th July bombings - is walking from Leeds to London inviting people from both cultures to walk along "to meet, walk and talk with each other about matters of belief and conscience".

    Perhaps those who have such funny views on Islam should join in and get rid of their misconseptions
  2. That well known anti-dote to the ills of society-go on a sponsored walk.Genius.
  3. Sven, if you read those stories you'd realise that they're celebrating the antithesis of 'multiculturism'. 'Meeting of minds', 'bringing communities together' etc isn't to do with two or more mutually exclusive 'cultures' continuing to exist alongside each other, but to unifying them into a new understanding of their environment and each other - a new culture, if you will. 'Multiculturists' are only pushers of apartheid in a new, PC guise; only to be expected of the sort of mindset which believes in it.
  4. Nope, not a sponsored walk - not a penny being claimed. It is purely to get people from both communities getting together in the way mentioned above.

    Perhaps You should go and make friends with some muslims from Beeston RT
  5. Fcuk em they can fit in with my ways, not the other way round, why do I need to / want to know about Islam ............I don't live in an Islamic state ( yet anyway )...when in Rome and all that
  6. You are wrong.

    They are not suggesting a single homogeneous community, just getting together so that each can understand and not feel threatened by the other.
  7. I have Muslim friends already,why should I seek out Muslims from Beeston because of what happened on July 7th? are they a better class of Muslim?

    Oddly enough,I make friends with people because I like them,I don't befriend people to fulfill any kind of personal/nanny state qoutas. Call me a bluff old traditionalist, but I have always felt that friendship transcended religion/race/ethnicity/sexuality.
  8. I agree with Twins...completley.
  9. Perhaps Your misconception on the 'islamic state' is exactly why You should go to one of the dinner parties :roll:
  10. Yes, I'll go with that.

    Whenever I've been travelling or working in Muslim states I've always made a point of being considerate and thoughtful towards their social and cultural norms.

    If they expect me to do the same here they can fcuk off.
  11. Perhaps You should ask those muslim friends of Yours why the walk is such a good idea.
  12. I don't think he gives a f*ck to be honest,he's from Bosnia,and he has seen first hand the consequences of 'balkanisation' (in a cultural sense).
  13. So who said anything about 'homogeneity'? Is any culture homogenous? A certain Unity of outlook is all that is required, and that doesn't mean that you're excluded by way of the pixies you worship, or the colour of your skin. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland used to have a type of unity (God help us), and the USA certainly does. 'Multiculturism' is a label which specifically applies to disparate and mutually uncommunicative 'communities' (God help us again) within a larger environment. The sooner it is dispensed with as a concept, the better, as it is the direct cause of Ms Gill's disability.
  14. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Perhaps you should give us the answer , Oh, sanctimonious all knowing One :roll:
  15. I've worked for many years in Lybia, Saudi in the oil business so you don't have anything to tell me Sven about Islamic countries ( probably the other way round ).

    And do you know what I obeyed the law of whatever country I was in, and if I did'nt like it I had an easy choice leave the country.....

    We live in a Christian country why the fcuk shouild I make any effort to understand their relegion , the same as they made no effort to understand mine when Iwas in their country.

    You're the liberal lefty thats ruined this country Sven, so make with the witty comments, and be proud that you and your kind have fcuked up a once great country :evil: