Multiculturalism, Europe and Islam - what are the options now?

To be fair - this Labour MP is just investing in votes for the future, as Muslims will far outnumber the LGBT community and a more Islamic Britain is a more Labour Party leaning Britain as the liberal Leftys soon realise their liberalism has incubated a very illiberal breed of people indeed.

It also shows that the labour party as a whole have decided that in the game of minorities rights, that the Muslims outweigh those of the LGBT.
It's probably more a numbers game, there are more Muslims and they can guarantee a block vote (and especially Labours favourite the postal vote)
The numbers game is part of the minorities game. They dont really like any of them but they want their votes.
Does anyone else but me think that there is a correlation here?

The most violent countries in the world have the least bacon.

I'm a vegetarian so I dont have a pig in this fight.

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