Multiculturalism, Europe and Islam - what are the options now?

This morning on Radio 4, the 8am News, they informed that The UK is the most Immigration positive country in Europe, in that 3/4 of the population thought immigration was a good thing for the UK. They also informed that this positive acceptance was on the increase.
I bet your face went pale pink in anger.
Funny as feck, Decathlon is as liberal as it gets!
The fact it doesnt actually say the hate calls were from Muslims has escaped RGJ.
Id say its far more likely that the hate calls where done by the sort of cretin that talks about apologists, appeasers and race traitors.


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Book Reviewer
There should be no such thing as a "no go" area, perhaps another Op Motorman is required in these ghettoes?
Can we get Bravo Bravo to lead the charge? wearing his turban of course!


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I think @Sixty has asked people like you to show examples of people shutting down (reasonable) criticism.
Oddly enough, theyre unable to do so.
You wont be able to, eithet, will you?


Thats what Katie Hopkins told you. Just because shes a bigot as well doesnt mean you have to believe her, you simpleton.
And as if by magic, Bravo Bravo appears:
You'll probably now get a knock on the door in the next few days. If you have an SGC or FAC, you can expect to lose them over a statement like that.
I have a PAL/restricted and live in Rural Alberta so I'm supposed to have large gun locker and plenty of ammunition
Who needs jihad?

Who needs jihad? | The Spectator

There are immigrants and then there are immigrants.
That article is a deliberately provocative advert for a book. It ignores the numerous movements within the numerous Muslim communities to adapt faith to the modern age, such as ex-Muslim groups.

As usual, skip the sensationalist b0llocks and look at the bigger picture.

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