Multicoloured Swap Shop..............

Those of you of a certain age will remember a certain programme hosted by that Noel Edmunds chap based on people swapping stuff. Heard a similar theme on the wireless this morning so thought I would ask you fellow arrsers:

What is your best or worst swap ever? :D
I swapped the use of a large chested WRAC's titz for an 8 grand debt once.
I swapped a life for husband once. Thank feck he is propping up the patio now.
Spliffy mate, you are right. You and I know that they will now be tucked in her ankle socks. Thanks for that.
Worst swap :- My freedom for Her hand in marriage

Best swap :- My £5.10 for Mr. Abduls Special kebab on Naan with hot chilli sauce
I tried wife swapping once but the guy came back the next day demanding the return of his electric drill.
Swapping body fluids with various scary female monsters. Tin of compo beans for a russain grenade, that failed to go bang.

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