Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by purplestar, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. I know the multicam thread has probably been done to the death, however I was just wondering which units are currently being allowed to use it on ops?
  2. These cool cats, for a start...


    yes, I know it's a bit big...
  3. Well I now know the RAMC does then but was not quite sure that they where allowed to carry weapons
  4. Purplestar,

    You're a bit of a pan head aren't you? Do you own a set alongside your super charged, ACOG'd, pimped up airsoft gat? :wink:
  5. its due in QM's near you for ops around April :)
  6. No it's not. Only SF have been and will be issued multicam. The new cam which we're getting early next year is entirely different and looks nothing like multicam. The issue will be 3 x sets of the new cam (can't remember its name) and 1 x set of desert cam.
  7. MTP - Multi-Terrain Pattern. It is Multicam, but in British 'DPM' style. DIB 52/09 refers.

    Edited to add: I think there is a pic of it on the PECOC thread (but as I'm at work at the moment I can't confirm due to lots of red Xs). It's certainly shown in the DIB (pdf version). The DIB should be available on Armynet.
  8. Which are you supposed to wear round bastion etc?
  9. The new kit. The old desert kit is only to be worn for those operating in a desert environment and not in camp or in the GZ.
  10. But not the same multicam as SF wear.
  11. I love this; the bloke on the left ( also known by the big figure in the middle as LUNCH ) has the new ally cam kit on, topped by a big black square of, err, black.
  12. Nope. Maybe they'll start wearing standard issue kit now....... 8O

    Still, won't affect the airsofters and wannabes - they'll stick to their ebay SAS multicam. :roll:
  13. Saw a pic of the MTP, did not think it looked like DPM, tbh.