MultiCam on Multi Terrain

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mudblood, May 16, 2010.

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  1. I had an issue that may already have been addressed but would like to put out there.

    What do people think, officially or otherwise on the following:

    I was a interested in the procurement process for MTP as on the Defence Clothing and Textiles Agency website, the material trialed was clearly MultiCam and NOT Nulti Terrain Pattern. On completion of the testing process positivie polling of serving soldiers identified MultiCam as the preferred Cam. I assume under business arrangments MultiCam was unavailable and Crye Precision commissioned to develop MTP? Which is completely different to MultiCam in appearance, this was supposedly to take into account the fact that in a separate feedback session soldiers identified with and liked the old DPM so MTP was made to look more like it.

    My other issue is that with the difference between MTP and MultiCam will RSMs be forgiving to soldiers who have privately purchased items that are MultiCam, such as Molle Equipment and PLCE replacements when some in the Command Chain are concerned with the fact that shirts in theatre are being worn, God Forbi, untucked. I have seen only MultiCam kit being pedaled by Privateers.
  2. Does anyone know of any providers offering Multi Terrain Pattern Equipment?
  3. Unofficially - I couldn't give a rats arrse. We will get issued what we need, we will wear it, use it, trash it and get on with worrying about getting the job done not worrying about the colour or patterns of our compass pouches.

    Officially - - I couldn't give a rats arrse. We will get issued what we need, we will wear it, use it, trash it and get on with worrying about getting the job done not worrying about the colour or patterns of our compass pouches.
  4. Mong. There are a Billion and one threads on MTP. Use the search function before posting bone questions.
  5. Yes, we have been told this would be preferable until MTP webbing etc comes out, and on asking it will be allowed mix and match in the future dont know if all units will be the same?
  6. Sorry, if you're offended by my limited knowledge of ARRSE, I haven't seen any of the other threads, and will indeed use the search function. Cheers.
  7. One factor that was certainly given attention during the development of MTP was that of the British Army's corporate image. Like it or not, making MTP look distinctly British was/is considered of much importance and led to the development of a pattern that had the performance characteristics of mulitcam together with the familiarity of DPM.
  8. Thanks, tried the search and came up with:

    1. MTP is not commercially available.
    2. There are therefore no privateers producing MTP Kit

    I wonder if and when the first kit will be available so us walts can buy it all up to wear in HQs everywhere. Crye Precision certainly made MultiCam avaiable to preferred providers, listed on their website, early on and comapnies such as Arc'teryx make superb clothing and bags in it.

    I think it still begs the question wether we'll all still be wearing MultiCam kit attached to MTP next year when the Soldeir Mag comments pages become full of disdain for the amount of Mixed Dress in theatre.
  9. And, please don't get me wrong, I actually like the new MTP kit, and I don't think I'm alone! It does look good.

    My only hope is that we have made some moves towards a US style "cut" to the uniform to make it more comfortable and hardwearing.
  10. If you require it in a military capacity then you'll be issued it along with the rest of the army in 2011. If not, then you'll have to buy it when it hits ebay.

    Seeing as MTP-PECOC will issue what you need, if you're buying more in MultiCam for sitting around in an HQ then you need to get your head checked.
  11. The general feeling with our lot is that we will be mix and matching MTP with Multicam forever, its not just Multicam that is a very close match, there are other similar patterns and if the piece of kit is good add it on, nothing in nature is even and it beats spraying up tan stuff, I have an Auscam pouch, some coyote tan and multicam pouches attached to my MC armour cover
  12. Case Closed? It seems as though, at least the few commenting on here this afternoon, are of the opinion that this is a non-issue. I for one am glad that this is so, being on my way to theatre soon, I look forward to receiving and trying for myself, the new kit.

  13. You won't see the difference on anything smaller than a Bergen. The pattern has differences but the colours are identical.
    The major difference will be issue stuff will no doubt have cheap black buckles instead of Coyote.