Multicam Ducati - Should I MTP my Triumph?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by BuggerAll, May 10, 2011.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've just seen this picture of a multicam Ducati.


    I've been thinking about doing a custom paint job on my Triumph Bonneville. I have wondered about MTP.

    I probably won't but I'm keen to see what anyone else thinks. It was a Triumph Speedmaster done up as a Spitfire which got me thinking about it.
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Isn't the point of biking to be as visible as possible so you don't get splatted by a bus?
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  3. Bikes. Notable for often not being spotted by drivers.

    I certainly can't see any downsides to camouflaging it.
  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Being seen is not the point of biking. It's an important safety factor. I think you would find that an MTP bike would be quite visible on the road especially as it would still have chrome metalwork etc.
  5. I think it looks gash:

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  6. i think it's a brilliant idea... if you want to ruin a beautiful bike and look like an absolute ****.
  7. yes it will look well beriut
  8. have you been following me? And as for multi cam on a bonnie you'll have the purists spitting their false teeth out. Why not go for the scrambler and Steve McQueen look?
  9. If he joins your MC, then his back patch will be seen from miles away.
  10. Treat all car drivers like twats,and you might survive to a ripe old age. One of my bikes a few years ago was a Bright Red Honda NX 650 Super Motard,and my riding suit was also Bright Red,and I rode with dipped headlights, I still got twats trying to T Bone me,all quoting those six famous and familiar words "sorry mate I didn't see you",so don't take it for granted that your bike will 'be quite visible on the road',as for MTP what happens when you want to sell it,not everyone is a fan of camouflage. ;-)
  11. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    He wouldn't be allowed to join, not with such gash taste in bike design.
  12. Where are all the dull twats claiming that MTP is MoD IP and it would be a breach of copyright?
  13. Don't cam it,it's 'andsome as is. Hide it behind a fairing if you must.

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