Multi-tool or Swiss Army Knife?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by fltpilot, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. Need a decent tool for work but cant decide if it's a multi tool or swiss army knife.
    And where would be the best place to buy it from, on-line or on the high street?
  2. The multi tool kind of speaks for itself. If you get a decent one then they pretty much have everything already on a swiss army knife for instance; knife, screwdriver etc.. except youve got pliers and other useful bits. That is if you can do without a toothpick or minute pair of tweezers....
  3. Plier-type multi-tool every time for me. Much more practical size and functionality. Swiss Knife is a bit dated in design by my books, I was given a lovely one by BAE Systems in a leather pouch with all sorts of gizzets... all very nicely designed but just not practical to use at all. Used it to open a bottle of beer when I finished Phase 1, I do believe it is the ONLY thing I've ever done with it, I have a Victorinox Swiss Tool which does everything else.

    Which one you choose depends on what you want to do with it. My Swiss Tool is big and bulky and would be a PITA for every day odd bits, but with my job it's good to have a bigger tool with more leverage.

    I'd buy online, no real benefit to buying in the shop unless it breaks. eBay used to be a great place to pick up cheap, but I think they've banned knives now.
  4. IMHO
    Swiss Army Knives, useless in Cold Weather as you need something else to open them and they break. Multitool better as they are less likely to break. A small proper knife even better than both of them unless you really need a Sprout Shaver and winnit arse comb in the field. Perhaps with one set of needle nose pliers per section for attempting to fart around with the gas plug before realising its an armoury job, and bending barbed wire round the metal banisters on the stairs during OBUA training. For fixing vehicles and other stuff that requires a screwdriver, use a proper screwdriver rather than the 1" "Screwdriver" attached to your stable belt in a very - mobile phone attached to my belt - IT Nerd manner.
  5. FYI, This is the one I've got...

    Boker Black Rescue. Opens one handed, locks out automatically on open so you dont have to worry about the blade folding back in on your fingers like the swiss army knife. Includes seat belt cutter and window punch. Also has a sturdy clip for attaching itself to webbing/Molle. Costs bugger all too.
  6. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    That'll be a knife then. With a hooky thing to cut yourself out of all those nasty accidents with seat belts.

    Or you could stump for a piece of kit that does what the thread asked...
  7. See my earlier post questioning why Swiss Army knife/Multitool required?
  8. My Swisschamp is now relegated to toe nails and other assorted trimmings. For proper jobs it's a Gerber multitool.
  9. Yeah, Gerber currently have the name when it comes to Multi Tools. Solid and well built. Not that Leathermans were terrible, they were OK too.
  10. I have had and used a Swiss Army Multi Tool for several years.
    Stainless and very good.

  11. Just a thought. These multitools with a locking knife blade. Do these fall on the wrong side of the dangerous knife legislation? I remember reading some tread here that any knife with a locking blade was 'banned'. I suppose if you were at, going to or leaving work, that was your 'good reason' but what if it was in your rucksack going for a walk on the Downs?
  12. Why buy when you are issued them for ops
    I had a SOG for my afghan tour and before that was issued a Leatherman for my Telic tour.

    Althernatively rape brandspanking new Hesco when it turns up there is normally a pack of 3 -4 Gerbers in them
  13. Both. Swiss Champ for all the fiddly stuff and cutting. I regularly use ALL of the implements for their intended purpose and others so it's permanently on my belt, whether at work or at play. My Gerber is used for its pliers and for the diamond knife sharpener to keep the Swiss Champ honed. Although it has tools also found on the Swiss Champ, I find that they're not as good - for example, the wood drill broke.
  14. I have a Gerber multi tool. The thing I appriciate most is the plyer tool can be opened one haned, with a flick of the wrist. I do alot of rigging, and hanging off things so, its invalube, and well used.

    I would say that if you want the knife blade, keep it simple, and go with a plain knife. It will do what it says on the tin, and is less likely to break.
  15. Leatherman Supertool for work type needs,Victorinox Mini champ for all the others, all I've ever really needed!