Multi Terrain Pattern Belt

Before anyone gives me to much grief I have posted on here before and I am not a STAB or a Cadet. I just lost my login details as its been a while.

Also I have googled the question I am about to ask and could not find any thing near what I am looking for.

Last week on the Ranges there was a few guys cutting about from a different unit, in DPM however it seemed like they where wearing a the new Multi Terrain Pattern roll pin belt, my mucka in the clothing store reckons he knows nothing about them or any other MTP for that matter and I have googled it to death.

I know I should have asked the guy but his unit was not going to take kindly to me pestering them.

So if anyone can enlighten me please send me a PM, and yes its just because they look gucci that I want one
I know what you mean but it was just a normal roll pin belt, but in MTP I was quite close there was no webbing on just short sleeve 95 shirt (it was freezing aswell) and an MTP roll pin belt on his waist, didnt seem to have any special design (molle etc)
Possibly folded 1000D Multicam Cordura? It's one method used to construct "webbing"
:soldier: Hi press the crab here.

I was up in Brecon today and had a look in Jay Jays. they have their field type of trousers belt in multicam for 12 quid.
also, I had a look at an immensly gucci set of 'Airborne' Style webbing in Crye Multicam which was about 120 quid ................. and very very sweet!
(airborne style - the pouches sewen to a large belt pad on a roll pin belt)

could what you saw have been one of the above items?
Have bought the one from the Contact Left Website, will see what its like when I get it, cheers Press _it for the info on Jay Jays, I have looked on their website but could not see any multicam kit up for sale but they did have a bit about how they where going to sell it so will keep my eyes peeled. Wouldnt mind a set of the Multicam Airborne Webbing, £120 seems very reasonable compared to the other stuff I have seen. I bought a set of what I was told was Jay Jays webbing off a friend in DPM but the pouches are all made from the one piece of material, also the velcro is only sewn onto the top of the ammo pouches and this seems a very cheap way of doing it as my mate has a set where all his pouches have the material cut seperatly and the velcro is attached to the underside and top of the ammo pouches and seems far better constructed but he bought it second hand from dragons originnaly he said??? I am not slagging off Jay Jays kit here so as I dont know for sure that its from there so please correct.

Many Thanks for all your help everyone

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