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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by icecold, May 9, 2011.

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  1. icecold

    icecold Clanker Reviewer

    The Bleep test, in old money.

    Recently we've had a poster put up in the unit displaying the required standards for the PFT (or whatever it is called nowadays). The poster shows 4 sections, one for press ups, one for sit ups, one for the run and one for the MSFT. The poster got me thinking, and left me with some questions.

    Do you need to do all four sections for a PFT? in which case I don't think I've ever done one properly, and if not;

    Is the MSFT in place of the run? And if it is then is this a realistic alternative given that the total distance for the MSFT is 2.02 km (minimum standard) in 10.40ish (minimum standard). I know roughly this works out at the same distance in the same time, in the world of averages. However you do start off very slowely and then speed up in the MSFT. So are people better suited to different testing methods. Personally I can do both with relative ease, however I would say I do find the bleep test much easier.

  2. I think the MSFT can be undertaken where it is not possible to do a 1.5 mile run, ie if there is no suitable or in some cases safe running route.

    In fact the MATTS document confirms this

    "The msft may only be used ...where it is not possible to conduct a run ie

  3. icecold

    icecold Clanker Reviewer

    Thanks Polar. I thought that might have been the case. With my scientific head on, I'd be interested to see if more people are able to pass given an MSFT in place of a run, or if roughly they are the same pass rates. Might have to ask the PTI if we can do a little experiment!
  4. Let us know how it went then, if you did get your experiment done. I'd be interested to know. I posted a thread here, called what is fitness? Which is similar to your question about are some people better suited to different testing methods. Just because you run like a girl(thanks to blokeonabike), doesn't mean you are not fit in other ways!!!!!
  5. I can honestly say I struggle to pass the MSFT, but have no dramas doing the Run. Odd. but then, I'm not a sprinter, and in effect thats what you're doing towards the end?
  6. Does your MSFT time in any way co-relate to your run time? I.E a "good" time for a male aged 30-34 on the run is between 11.02 and 10.29 the co relating time for MSFT is 10.2.
  7. If that means weather, what a load of bollocks, as anyone who has had to run the Abingdon airfield route with wind blowing in their face will tell you.
    I'm not sure how they link the MSFT to the mile and half, I'm alot better at the MSFT although I pass both, I normally last longer on the MSFT than those who beat me on the mile and half route.
  8. I hate the MSFT, I've never passed it. Yet if I do the 1.5 mile run, I come in a good minute below the time for my age.
  9. As long as the Wet Globe Bulb Temperature was in range (in other words, it isn't too hot or humid), you can run the PFT. Wind helps cool it down!

  10. So its heat that matters (Rather than the hurricane force wind blowing against you)?
  11. Yes, it is the heat and humidity that matter.

    But the wind in Abingdon is always in your face....

  12. The PTI's have a little gizmo that lives in the guardroom I believe.
  13. It's merely an expedient. Where there are really good reasons for the 1.5 NOT being done, the MSFT provides a comparable cardiovascular test to enable a full PFT to be undertaken.

    @chunkie100, I've seen decent runners fail an MSFT because they psyched themselves out. Or bottled it in other words.
  14. My bold, I don't think it does, I reckon its a completely different type of test. To do a MSFT you have to get progressively faster but to the timings of the bleeps. The mile and a half you can sprint a hundred meter walk 50 (16 times) you can run a constant 7 minute mile, you can do the first half in 4 minutes and cruise the rest or take the first half easy and sprint the last half.
    Although I find the MSFT easier there is only one way of passing it where as with the mile and a half you can do cartwheels so long as your total time is 10.30.
  15. I would guess that the metrological opt-out also relates to snow. Tricky to run 1.5 miles if there's a foot of snow on the ground (at least I always wimp out, pleading my poor worn-out ankles).