Multi-role brigades

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Does the Army need Regional HQs? Yes. do they need to be commanded by 1*'s? No. An OF5 Comd seems to me to be the obvious solution. Another thing that needs looking at is the JRLO structure...
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Are they best placed sitting within the Bde boundaries and on their ORBAT or would they be better placed as HQ RC LOs into the Bdes or indeed HQ SJC LOs? Also, how does it tie in with the new SO1 Ops Sp posts?
First main problem is that UK Ops has the Army as a "contractor" i.e working to/supporting the local authority or emergency service, yet the Army has mostly organised itself to suit itself and not the potential tasks.
Look at Brigade boundaries and then compare them with Police force boundaries(the basic UK Resilience building block) - lots of deltas/inconsistencies - IIRC 43 Bde dealt with 5 police forces then, 143(HC) dealt with only part of Thames Valley Police and 49bde dealt with cops from the Thames estuary up to Tyneside.

Second problem is the FTRS/reservist dimension. You ideally need military peeps who are in position for bloody ages, so the relationships with Cat 1 responders can build, however when lots of regular troops are tasked, you need a C4I system to support them and that doesn't need it's own time to catch up.
Number also come into play - when the midden hits the windmill, 1 JRLO will need lots of MLO teams to support, as well as try to backfil/man an Ops Room in a predominatly CS staffed Regional HQ

Third problem is HQ RC, do you go via them to SJC or direct? If direct, then why do you need HQ RC except as a placeholder for PIDs?

Near instant availability needed for some of the more serious MACA tasks precludes extensive use of reservists.
If there were more of them spread through out the district, then there is some initial liaison utility in parts of the country where the regular footprint is absent, however that would require Regular CoC to accept "good enough" rather than Gold standard in areas where careers could be made/broken or indeed legal liabilities/inquests loom.
AVANTI did a good job of also clearing out the "expensive reservist rump" (though replaced them with fewer SO1s....)
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