Multi Purpose Shotgun for £1000

If your after a sporter then your after a sporter.If you want Multi Purpose, pray, tell us more...O/U...S/S....PUMP....SEMI????
12G is a multi purpose gauge. But the guns do differ.


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You could always buy a brand new Webley 900 Series or Hatsan multichoke single trigger over and under for less than 800 sovs. There's nowt wrong with them . . . . . or secondhand, you can get yourself a reasonable Miroku Mk38, Beretta 682 or 686, or maybe a Browning 525 - all popular guns and quite reliable, and mostly under 1000 notes secondhand.
I'm basically after a gun that can do the following.

OU (I have always shot with them but will be looking at getting a s/s in a couple of years potentially.

12g multi choke.

I will mainly be using it on Clays with potentially the odd rough shoot (beaters day) maybe twice per season. will be shooting clays on average once per fortnight.


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A second-hand Beretta 686 or 687 would be in that bracket, as would a 682. All are lovely guns and would be equally at home rough shooting as on the clays.

If you want something a little more rustic, you could get a nearly new Urika 2 for that sort of cash, or you could go for something like a Lanber OU.

The best advice I got given was to go to a shop with lots of shotguns in it, try as many as possible and find one that fitted and that you wanted. Then you buy it.
The gunsmiths that I will be going to has a great selection of both new and second hand and I can take them to a good shooting ground to test them out before I buy. I will be booking a lesson at the same time to see what he says about fit but I imagine that they will be doing that in the shop mainly.

The berettas that you mention Fronty have been recommended to me elsewhere so thinking about having a go with one of those. To be honest I think I'm going to get myself a game gun in the future aswell.
I Have a Miroku MK38 that cost me £1300 new so you should be able to pick one up for less than a grand second hand.
In Sporting shooter (I think??) it was one of the top ten clay guns but the only one that was even close to affordable!
Ive used it on a "proper shoot", a bit of rough and on the clays and i never had a problem.

Its a cracking gun with teague chokes and fairly decent engraving and wood, you could do a lot worse!

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