Multi-fuel stoves, paraffin lamps etc.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. I have an MSR Dragonfly multifuel stove (petrol, naptha, paraffin, diesel)

    It's good but inconvenient in that the bottle has to be detached from the stove which makes it awkward to pack. I recently became aware of the Coleman Exponent Multi-Fuel stove and was looking for this when I found this supplier:

    I haven't used them yet but they seem to have a massive range of paraffin lamps, heaters and stoves which I am sure will be of interest to many of you. They also seem to have a good spares back up service.

    I shall be asking them for a mantle for my Aladdin pressure lamp, ideal thing for camping in the grand style. :)
  2. Pocket rocket all the way(for the uk), had mine 5 years and it is still going strong.
    Yours looked far too much fecking around just to get some scoff on.
  3. "For the UK" being the important point here. From my perspective I don't see the point in training with something that you can't or won't be using on Ops. That said, the MSR Dragonfly wasn't bought for military use, I bought it for civvy camping before I was even back in TA.

    I wanted a multifuel stove so that it would serve anywhere in the world and it also has a fully adjustable flame which is not necessary for boiling a pouch meal but is useful if you want to simmer a dinner of fresh food or fry an egg etc.

    I think the Coleman Multi-Fuel stove looks rather more compact than my MSR although I suspect it isn't as well made.

    I agree that the jetboils etc are very efficient but the supply of gas cartridges is an issue outside the UK and in fact would have been if that had been a week rather than a weekend. I topped mine up from the can of KERO we had though ;)
  4. Will it run on paraffin and diesel? That's part of my requirement.
    Your stove looks uber gucci however , hexi all the way on the next w/end then :cheers:
  6. Ex-stab if im right you haven't gone on cic yet ? now i mite be wrong but with the new DIE system of training rolling out across the TA at the moment you'll not be going on op's 2 years/ 18 months.
  7. On op's i think hexi is best because of resupply and weight/space. mind you primus stoves are the nuts
  8. Bit off topic mate but no, I'm on CIC soon, I'm assured that I shall be on H14. Had a briefing on Workplace Training Status etc. the other week as discussed here:

    Which is probably a more suitable thread to continue it on otherwise this kit related thread will lose its way.

  9. Resupply is the reason I put forward for using a stove that will run on KERO (paraffin) or Diesel rather than gas canisters. There's always a pint of diesel knocking about.
  10. Yeh fair one on the training.
  11. Lots of Jetboils and Coleman Exponent Multi-Fuel stoves in the Stores system on Herrick. QMs and SQs were quite happily supplying cookers, gas and other fuels. As for the build quality - they're not too bad, I NSR'd about 10 Coleman Stoves on in-inspection out of 200ish, mainly for slightly misformed legs, a cross threaded filler caps and one that wouldn't pressurise.
  12. The stove Jarrod mentioned was issue kit in the 80s and was called the peak 1, the issue kit prior had a spreader plate that could fall off, you pump it up open the valve and you are soaking your tent with a needlejet of petrol.

    I don't diesel camping stoves exist. I await being corrected.
  13. I wouldn't go anywhere without my one of these (and the cooking kit too)

    It's happy to run on any solid fuel, but even the smallest version isn't exactly pocket sized.
  14. ahem

    (google is your friend)
  15. Which is one of the reasons I bought it as mentioned in the first post! :)

    I think any stove that will run on kerosene (paraffin) will run on diesel to be honest.