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In the paper today, there is a story that a Christian programme aimed at reforming prisoners has been discontinued at Dartmoor prison because it does not fit with the Government's multi-faith agenda. Frankly, this Government (and Prisoners for that matter) should not be able to choose which bits of multi-culturalism they want to adopt.

If you want a multi-faith prison, then we should be allowed to chain the prisoners to the wall by their knackers, torture them and then stone them to death. SWEEPING STATEMENT ALERT: The majority of other faiths seem to think that such treatment is acceptable. If you want a nice, wishy-washy liberal prison system, then you have to accept that a few happy-clappy christian do-gooders are the price you have to pay. Otherwise, line up all the 'multi-faith' thieves and chop their hands off.
ah but the breaks the goverments prison service ethos the happy clappys were actually effective :oops: can't have that but a wannbe jihadi imman go right ahead :twisted:
same as they did this experement dose up young offenders with mulit vits and minerals to the levels of a so called healthy diet and there behaviour improved massivly stangely afterwards the money was cut and they went back to causing trouble :cry:
personally I think happy clappys are stupid but if it works its not stupid 8)

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