Multi cam trousers question

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Screw_The_Nut, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. Are we going to get issued the type of trousers some yank units are getting ie. : MultiCam® - Gear - Crye*Precision also - Combat Pants AC

    with the built in knee pads and lots of useful pockets all over the shop. And if not, does that pattern go with our kit (in other words can we get away with wearing those trousers on tour)
  2. No

  3. Britfor will not issue anything from Crye as far as I know (apart from "them" maybe)

    When I was sunny side recently "the special ones" were mostly sporting the trousers you speak of... but they wear pretty much what they like (even they were told to smarten up occasionally lol)

    As does MTP and Multicam match..... well yes kind of....

    We use MC as there are limited opportunities to get MTP and in small items the difference is hard to pick up.

    On larger pieces you can start to notice it (if you know what your looking for) i.e. MTP top with MC bottoms do look a little different. I'm sure there's a comparision on Google....
  4. Cheers. Reason I asked is I saw some of "their" medics cutting about on exercise with these and they looked almost exactly like the mc trousers we get, so did a check. They seem a much better fit, with more pockets and cooling material... ideal for a summer tour. And kneepads that don't cut the back of your legs up!
  5. provided your legs go in at the knee, just get the neoprene blackhawk knee pads and secure them tightly with the lower strap and barely at all with the upper.

    no rashes, no sores dries doesnt slip alot easier than buying 170 quids worth of trousers.
  6. I'd be a little careful if you plan to "freestyle it"
  7. You mite be able to get away with it outside the wire (depending on your razzer) But I think when MTP comes in across the board there is going to be a massive tightening of the rains.
  8. Coops,
    Since they are bringing back Barrack Dress, isn't all MTP stuff going to be field kit anyway? You get a bit/lot more latitude in the field depending on the CO in question. Just a thought, you could be right.
  9. I think that any good CO will give the green light. lets face it, if the Taliban are that close that they can tell the difference in your MTP/MC, you are in the poo anyway.
  10. True but we are talking about the " angry man " here
  11. This is one reason why
    Kit Up! » The ‘Stan
  12. The major manufacturers are:
    Crye. Combat and Field Pants (both EXPENSIVE!!)
    Propper and Tru-Spec. These both produce a BDU (traditional style with buttons) or Army Combat Uniform style (Velcro pockets)

    I think propper are probably the best value for money, probably the most similar to '95.
    Now to confuse you. The new US Army Afghan uniform in Multicam is to be known as "OEF FR ACU"
    or "Operation Enduring Freedom Fire Resisting Army Combat Uniform" (Phew!!)

    The similarity between patterns.
    Here's the back of a Windproof in MTP:
    Notice the brush stroke splashes as in DPM.
    This has a piece of 1000D Crye Multicam cordura laid over one part:
    Slightly darker as you'd expect. Notice how similar the pattern is though.
    This is MTP with a finer print piece of 200D Crye Multicam Cordura over part of it:
    There is obviously a darkness difference between poly cotton and nylon but hopefully you get the idea.

    Mr Razman is going to have to be verrry observant to notice a difference.
    I'm sure I have some Multicam Nylon/cotton somewhere.
    Watch this space.
  13. On issue in Afghan only once you reach theatre.

    Will it replace C95?
  14. Cue Gearspotter's arrival, yes it is replacing CS95, or more specifically Temperate(woodland) DPM by 2012 as it mentions on countless other threads in here, check the PECCOC thread for starters.
  15. I'd be amazed if it replaced S95 DPM for temperate use but I've not seen it in use in the UK to see if it does work. Seems a bit light in tones.

    I hear from mates who have used it in theatre that it is good for green zone (which seems to be very green with lots of sunlight) but no good away from that.

    I thought MTP was still a 2 year trial though so what do I know ?

    What I want to know is if everyone is going to get issued it, what will 'Them' switch to? After all, 'They' can't just wear what everyone else wears and be indistinguishable from the rest can they ? What will be the new Multicam / MTP ?