Multi-barrelled machinegun - 1,000.000 rounds a minute!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bugsy, Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. Has anybody seen anything else about this?

    36 läufiges MG (klick mich)

    Sorry about the German. I nicked it off a German military forum. Just click on it.


    Edited to add that the link doesn't work! Shite!!!
  2. your link doesn't work....can you relist it?
  3. Sorry about that, 105AVRE. Just have to do it another way now.

    Go to Then scroll down until you reach the heading "Sonstiges" (the first heading is "Allgemeines"). Under "Sonstiges" is a further heading "Mischmasch". Click on that and the seventh thread down has the heading "Waffentechnik der Zufunft". Click on that and the third posting down is the one you want. The link to click has the same title as in my other post.
    Hope that works!

  4. I cant find the link you refer to. Never mind. Is this about a weapon where the bullets are all in the barrel with the propellent in between each bullet and the whole thing is fired by electric impulse?

    If so the Yanks already have working versions that can fire in nice patterns (you can actually see the shape in the sky). Ripple fire, spirals etc in fact any shape you care to name. The only problem is that while it provides a rather good barrier against an incoming missile, they have yet (to my knowledge) sorted out the targetting. Also the reload is a b1tch: you have to replace the whole 'magazine' everytime, and they are not light!

    Has an excellent future as a vital point defence and some of the technology will probably find its way into front line equipment (but we are talking 5-10 years).
  5. This is the link:

    So much for 1,000,000 rds/min. It doesn't really count when you only fire one round per barrel. Presumably the calculation is based on the time delay between the first and last rounds firing. The device doesn't seem to have an ability to reload, so ends up as 36 one-shot wonders glued together in a box.
  6. feck marking them targets!
  7. Not strictly true, there are many rounds per barrel.
    I can't remember the exact figure, but there's some marketing material on their site (cgi videos) that shows exactly how it works - it's 'kin impressive.


  8. Some other "super-weapons" by the same manuacturer can be found at:
    though they also don't seem to be magazine or belt fed. Wonder what the quoted rate of fire is for the MLRS - and how long it would actually take to fire that number of rounds, taking into account reloading.
  9. IIRC: Each barrel is just one long magazine. I don't think they'll get many customer's for it simple becuase it's a swine to relaod, and what goods 1,000,000 rounds in one salvo?

    "well we killed that one bloke good and propper."

    The Intresting Idea I did see involving this thing was to fire a huge number of indirect HE rounds in one go, a sort of super mortar, now 1,000 81mm rounds going off in one salvo, that would be scary.
  10. Yes, I've had experience of more than one bomb in a mortar tube and it was indeed scary. ;) And for those in the know, the bombs were fuzed DA162, so we couldn't use the extractor.

    And if Mushroom ever reads this, I was No.3 so IT WASN'T MY FAULT!!!
  11. Not to mention expensive and probably a bitch to sustain logistically. Having said that the most potent period of indirect fire is the initial 15 seconds before the unsuspecting enemy can take cover which is why mor and arty always try to get the rapid rate in early.

    The mega machine gun thing might have an application as a last line of defence for ships against missile attack. it could also get a run the next time we take on the Peoples Republic of China's army.