Mull of Kintyre

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Kromeriz, Dec 29, 2012.

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  1. Rob the Scotsvann has just brought me back a slab of Mull of Kintyre cheese - Extra Mature Cheddar.

    Gorgeous! Every day a school day even though I have been taught by a Scot.

    He did however manage to return with a Melton Mowbray pie - together, delicious.

    Ever been shocked at the origins of great food?
  2. Oh Mists rolling in from the Seas, i desire, is always to be here, on Mull of Kintyre

    Oh sorry wrong thread!
  3. Never, All my food comes straight from the local shops.:blush:
  4. Right!
    You get excited about a bit of cheese and a pork pie? you really live in the fast lane.
    and then you use the term "great food"
  5. When I lived in Taipei, I used to eat at night markets almost every night and because extremely partial to some deep-fried thingummies that looked like miniature onion-rings but were clearly meat-based.

    I found out that they were, in fact, chicken anuses.
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  6. This might raise the odd chuckle then, Mark and Lards classic cuts, Mull Of F'kintyre.
  7. You live in fecking Ostrava and you.ll understand the meaning of quality - this is the birthplace of the Skoda 90, any colour you want so long as it is green and where PAREK is a aka a minging hot dog, is the cusine de la choice for hospital in-patients... So yeah, a good old Melton Mowbray and some delicious Kintyre Mature Cheddar is the meaning of Christmas. Even if the bearer was a Scot the tight twat.
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  8. Hoola hoops never tasted so good after that then...
  9. Thought Yuuurp was the dogs danglies? Homesick for lard and ale then?
  10. 6 years away and it is indeed time for Wife Beater Juice to pass my addled lips; though some decent food aka as Waberthwaite Sausage, heavens yes, would not go amiss, along with the clean Cumbrian air coming ashore downstream from Sellafiend and the Barrow launched boats dragging under poor fishermen... I dream of home at times like these...
  11. I'm understanding the OP, I really am. Small things in life can bring about satisfaction beyond measure. A friend of mine went back to the UK for a wedding a few weeks ago. I asked him to bring me back some Hollands Meat Pies, pies here (canuckistan) are shite. Prior to leaving Manchester my mate asks his dad to pick up Hollands Pies from the store and throw the pies in the freezer which he did. 5 hours later, my mate puts the pies in a small frozen cooler and hides them in the bottom of his bag and fucks off to the airport. There being a massive fine for smuggling beef products he duly craps his pants at Can Customs. A few hrs later I have the pies in my hand and incredibly they are still frozen but thawing. I immediately zip home fire up the oven and bake the pies. The aroma was indescribable, mouth wateringly delectable, the pies themselves were outstandingly beautiful to eat (it got very dusty in the kitchen). It was quite simply the best thing I have eaten in YEARS.

    The only flaw in the plan was asking his old man to pick up the pies, he decided to pick up some "no name" brand rather than Hollands, such is life, and nor did I contract Foot and Mouth or Mad Cow Disease.
  12. That beats my Thai meat balls.
  13. You made a mistake but I fixed it for you Jarrod :bom:
  14. Cock in a frock I don't think so.

  15. I'll send you a can of Stella if you like. PM me if you want charge.