Muhammad is No 2 in UK boys names

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. Yes its an insurance policy

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  2. Celebrate! We are all children of the rainbow!

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  3. Yes and he’s loyal to the Queen

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  4. Its a great way of target acquisition

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  5. No Quentin is good enough

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  6. Allah Akbar you have lost Crusader Dogs

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  7. Breed for Christ!

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  1. In full
  2. I suspect the implied message in the article is that we’re being overrun by Muslims who are breeding faster than the rest of the population, but really it’s no big deal.

    My missus is a teacher in a school with a lot of Muslim kids, and every one of the boys is called Mohammed. That’s because it’s the traditional name for Muslim boys. It’s often not the name they’re known by though, it’s just one of the names they’re given.

    I don’t hear anyone making an issue of the fact that all Sikh boys are called Singh, and I doubt anyone would think it worthy of comment if it was traditional for Irish boys to have Patrick as one of their names.
  3. Yep, Muslims maybe just less imaginative with their christi.... er, fornames. No skin off my schlong what they call each other. I take it you are not upset that 3rd or 4th names are Thomas and Joshua which are traditionally Jewish names I believe? Though not exclusively anymore obviously.
  4. Reverse the trend. Emigrate to Bangladesh and call your foetus Jesus H.

    (Just fighting Wednesday morning boredom... :) )
  5. Mufti Abdul Barkatullah, a former imam at the Finchley mosque in northwest London, said: “Parents who name their son Muhammad believe that the name has an effect on their personality and future characteristics. They are saying that this boy will be of good character.

    "good character"? without meaning to sound like a supporter of the BNP, but i haven't personally seen much of this in recent years.
  6. Well maybe give these 5,991 newborn boys a chance to show good character. They were only born last year!
  7. Let me guess you voted for

    Celebrate! We are all children of the rainbow!
  8. Hmmm gotta be carefull what we say to remain politically correct
  9. Why worry? As a radio disc jockey once famously said "Muhammad - that's one of the most popular Christian names in the world isn't it?'


    Muhammad bin Ancient al Mariner (peace be upon me)
  10. Why not? Some of my best friends are called Muhammed.
    There's Muhammed Seamus O'Hanoran, Muhammed Sean Rafferrty, Muhammed Dermot O'Brien, Muhammed Tony Higgins, Muhammed Percy Smith and of course Muhammed Sheila Dobson.

    All normal multi-culti people.

  11. Breed for Christ?

    Look the way of the Republic of Ireland and you will see that very thing in full motion.

    Oh that would be great Ted!!