Mugshot Mongery - Your local DNA fails


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An old trick when having a security pass mugshot taken is to lean back a bit but keep looking at the lens. it makes you look like a bank robber/ thug.
try it next time.

I'd be quite happy if they could just take a vertical picture.

All mine seem to be at a jaunty angle*.

* verified by the also squint background, so it's not my inability to stand upright.
Latest one. Armed robber. 3 1/2 years inside.

It's a thing of beauty, isnt it?

It took me 5 minutes to decide if the image was at the correct orientation.
There are certain gene pools that a) should not be allowed to come together; and b) should be extinguished to prevent the proliferation of the species....

When do you think it will be possible to establish the species of the subject? I'm not convinced it's a question that even DNA testing can resolve.

Not my area of expertise, fortunately - though I suspect that even the Crips in 'D' Wing would think twice about attempting to breed from it.

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