Mugger meets Martial Arts Expert, battered worse than fish.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dwarf, Dec 7, 2011.

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  1. Apologies if this has been done but I searched and couldn't find it.

    My (catalan) newspaper gave me a link to The Chicago Tribune,

    Robber tussles with martial-arts expert, gets beaten and shot - Chicago Tribune

    Aparently this mugger tried it on with a bloke who turned out to be one of these:

    The Official Website of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC) .......The Ultimate Fighting Championship

    The result is in the photo, plus being arrested and facing the courts, it's really worth a look.

    Enjoy it, I certainly did.
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  2. Muggers.... Thick twats, dont they realise that some people irrespective of build or general appearance actually do know how to defend themselves, personally i'm waiting to be a victim of an attempt mugging just so i can deploy a Brachial Strike. He wont brag to his mates after that will he.
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  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Unfortunately Illinois does not have a '3 strikes' policy but as he was still on parole he should spend a lot more time contemplating his new relationship with Bubba.
  4. I can just see Bubbas face, " Hi honey, nice to see you back, now get your ass over here and suck Mommys dick"
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  5. I hope they read him his rights.
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  6. Thick thiefing cunt.
  7. Dont try & mug an MMA fighter lol.
  8. I think he's got the blues...

  9. UFC my arse. He tangled with Tropper on a Cold Dark night in Belfast and got what was coming to him.
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  10. First thing that happens to most of the nice squeeky clean ones with the "purrrdy l'il mouths" when they freshly arrive in US nick is
    that Bubba knocks their front teeth out. So they don't accidently bite when the gag reflex kicks in.
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  11. Good thing this didn't happen in the Uk; otherwise, the intended victim would be charged with violation of 'The Honourable Victim Act of 19nn' which states it is illegal to defend one's self from a criminal act.
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  12. If this govt stopped pissing about and let law abiding folk carry handguns after (are you a) nutter test and be allowed to use them in defense without
    having to go down for it, scuzzing twats in the uk would stick to selling drugs/ their arse to get some pocket money.:eye:
  13. Can't put a link on but try 'marine vs chav' on you tube. The patience of this bloke before he snaps should bget him an award.

    These things always make me laugh, wish one of the knuckle dragging fucknuts would try it on with me.

    Sorry your honour but the brute had a weapon so i had no choice but to snap his scrawny neck. the army taugh me to do that, its all their fault. Sounds like a sound defence to me.
  14. Is that true?????? well that fucks my plan.