Mugged MP brands attackers total scum

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by johnboyzzz, May 26, 2008.

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    AN MP who was beaten and mugged by a teenage gang as she walked along an East Lothian beach has branded her attackers "the scum of the earth".
    Anne Moffat, Labour MP for East Lothian, was taking an evening stroll along a beach path when she was knocked unconscious by a group of youths.

    Speaking to The Scotsman last night about her attackers, she said: "They are total brutes, scum of the earth. If I had been an elderly woman I wouldn't have survived the attack."

    She added: "My injuries will heal but the trauma and shock will not go away.

    "It was terrifying. I start shaking and get really tearful every time I think about it. What that gang did to me was terrible."

    Ms Moffat, who divides her time between Westminster and her home in Port Seton, was knocked out after her attackers pushed her on to rocks.

    She also sustained broken ribs and cuts and bruises to her legs, head, hands and face.

    As she lay unconscious on the path, the gang of youths, who she said were aged between 18 and 20, stole jewellery from her, including a diamond ring and earrings.

    On Friday, the night of the attack, Ms Moffat said she had finished work at her constituency office in Tranent at about 7:30pm.

    In an attempt to get fit, the 50-year-old had recently started walking and jogging, so once home she put on her trainers and headed out.

    "It was a lovely sunny evening so I decided to walk along the path along the beach," she said.

    Just five minutes into her stroll she saw a group of boys coming towards her.

    "I could hear them shouting and swearing. I'm sure they were high on drink or drugs.

    "They were pushing each other around and I started to feel uneasy about the situation."

    As a precaution the MP grabbed her phone, ready to call for help if the situation turned nasty.

    She said: "As they came nearer I moved off the path and kept my head down so I didn't have to confront them but then I heard their voices getting nearer and nearer but I didn't look up.

    "Suddenly they were right there – right by me and I started to panic."

    She said one of the teenagers pushed her over, knocking her out as her head smashed against the rocks. When she came round, about 30 minutes later, she realised she had been robbed of her diamond earrings, ring, a watch and £20 in cash.

    "They must have been kicking me as I've got several broken ribs, a smashed up knee and cuts on my hands," she said.

    The group then ran off.

    Still clutching the phone, but dazed and bruised, she managed to ring a friend, who alerted the emergency services for her.

    "My face was bleeding and I was in so much pain. Every part of my body hurt and I was terrified because I couldn't piece together what had happened," she recalled.

    "My first thought was to ring the police but I couldn't focus on the numbers on my phone. It was terrible.

    "I just pressed redial on my phone to contact the last person I'd spoken to.

    "Luckily that was a friend who lived nearby. I passed out once while waiting for the ambulance and once in the ambulance. I was in such pain," she said.

    The MP was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and kept overnight in the high dependency ward. She was released on Saturday afternoon.

    Still recovering from her ordeal yesterday, she insisted: "I'm determined not to let this attack change my life and the way I lead it.

    "But, to be honest, I am not sure where this is going to leave me."

    Last night a spokesman for Lothian and Borders Police confirmed they were investigating the incident and appealed for witnesses.

    He said: "Between 8pm and 9pm on Friday night a middle-aged lady who was wearing blue jogging bottoms with a pink stripe down the side and a tartan windcheater was walking along the shore path between the old harbour and the new harbour in Cockenzie when she was confronted by a group of youths.

    "She fell to the ground and had a number of personal items stolen.

    "The youths were a group between four to six males between 18 and 20 years old. One was wearing a Celtic top."

    The police spokesman added: "We are appealing for anyone, especially a group of youths who were in the area at the time and may have seen the lady, to get in touch with the police."
  2. well come to the real world pet!
  3. Well that's the old PTSD claim lined up

    Either Lothian and Borders are the worst Force in the Country or someone thinks she is talking pish.
  4. The Americans have a saying “a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.”

    Granted the Americans mean different things to us when they say conservative or liberal, however, can we look forward to Anne Moffat defecting to the Conservatives?
  5. [​IMG]

    "Hey! You see this? That's the world's smallest violin playing for the fcukin' lady!"
  6. To be quite honest, I feel for this woman.
    There are too many horrible brats running around causing all sorts of aggro.
    They all need exterminating along with and especially, their parents.

    On the other hand, as long as they're mugging Members of Parliament and not decent law abiding people, that's ok by me! :wink:

    The more MP's that are mugged, the more chance there is of something being done about it.

    You never know, they might even get the Police to do their jobs and start locking these scumbags up!
  7. Reap what you sow

    Labour - Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime
  8. What self-respecting chav scum gang is going to rob an unconcious woman and NOT take her mobile phone??

    After going to the trouble of removing her earrings as well?

    Something a bit fishy here!
  9. Now that one of them has been the victim of crime, we may see the introduction of suitable punishments for offenders.
  10. They may be scum but can I send them a paypal donation to fuel them with smack and buckfast so they can keep up the good work.
  11. Beat me to it!
  12. Maybe it hadn't got all the latest features, camera for grinning at, video to film them molesting Mam's foster children she farms for the benefits, mp3 player for their mongtunes.

    Maybe you could just phone people with it. They'd be as confused and frightened by the idea as if you'd given them a pen and paper.
  13. Brightend my day when I read this! :D

    Welcome to The world YOUR fcuking Party created, you whiney, self-pitying CNUT! :evil:

    The Neds should have done us all a favour and caved you're fcuking skull in. :x :twisted:
  14. All over Scotland (especially the West) there are kids attacking each other with blades and the big story is this. The Royal Infirmary in Glasgow is the only hospital in Europe that regularly sees sword wounds, and nobody bothers their arse, but an MP gets a slap and it's a big story. Jesus, years ago a croupier at a city centre Casino had a guy try her passenger side door at 3 am - that was it, the whole story. Lead item on the local news.

    Somebody once defined feminism as "that attitude of mind which overstates the supposed male advantages of fighting wars, working like a dog, retiring late and dying young". Just about sums it up.

    Back in the 19th century John Stuart Mill (MP) had the following to say on flogging offenders - "...a most objectionable punishment in ordinary cases...we would not hear of, except, to be sure, in the case of garotters, for whose peculiar benefit we reestablished it in a hurry, immediately after a Member of Parliament had been garrotted".

    Now a woman and an MP - that's really serious.
  15. Funny how when scum like this mug any normal member of the public they are 'misunderstood little darlings', who just need a bit of support, a few handouts, and a holiday somewhere.......

    When Ms. CC had her phone stolen last year, the Police told her it was her own stupid fault for making herself vulnerable (walking down a high street in broad daylight :? ), and refused to investigate.