Mugabes latest attempt to destroy his country

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by commander-adama, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. I've just seen on the news that the Zimbabwe Parliament has passed a bill to move majority control of Foreign owned companies to Black Zimbabweans
    "The Goal is to ensure at least a 51% shareholding by indigneous Black people in the majority of businesses"

    Notwithstanding the fact that these shareholdings will go to ZANU-PF cronies of Mugabe,doesn't it furthur highlight the fact that as a nation Zimbabwe is in desperate need of direct intervention by the West,Instead we get Gordon Browns threat to not attend the EU-Africa summit,and pathetic EU sanctions which have achieved nothing!
  2. BA are stopping flights to Harare in October. Word on the street is that Zimbabwe will collapse by December.
  3. Unfortunately if we so much are did a low pass 400 miles away from them the rest of Africa and loony whites would be up in arms screaming COLONIALISM. Does that mean foreign banks will have their assets stolen. Can’t see them stumping up 51% of Barclays Bank shares, even the government would have problems.
  4. Loony blacks as well. Mugabe as built a career on anti-white/colonialism, hence why he has, more or less, got away with proposing idiot policies like these. It's only when they go dramatically wrong that he's called to account. Any attempt by us, Britian especially, and any Western power in Zimbwawe and we'll have a bloody fight on our hands with the last of his die-hard supporters.

    This should be dealt with by the neighbouring states, but they has of yet don't have the courage to tackle the 'hero anti-colonist'.
  5. Nicholas Van Hoogstraten has invested heavily in property in Zimbabwe!

    Poetic justice - couldn't happen to a nicer fellow. Hope he loses the bloody lot!
  6. Unfortunately the law allows it to be waived by the government in special circumstances aka. the ones that pay Mugabe and his cronies enough in kickbacks. They also get to vet the new Zimbabwean owners and veto them so no selling out to the MDC supporters either.
  7. I completely agree that Zim should have total black african control of their country as mugabe wants.

    But on one condition.

    NO white, yellow, tanned or none black african man or woman of any nationality should be allowed to have ANY involvement whatsover in the country.

    Good enough for mugabe to implement, good enough for the rest of the world to respect.

    I'd give Zim around 2 months tops to survive before descending into the stone age as opposed to the 2 years tops they have at the moment.
  8. Try doing something without America will you

    Oh wait, America is no longer that evil, empire building monster, is it?
  9. Why? Did the shaved chimp resign whilst we weren't looking?
  10. What are you on about?

    The general consensus is to let the African deal with it whether we like it or not.
  11. Just isolate the bloody place and let it implode by itself
  12. Why does Britain have to get involved?
    If the African nations will not sort this issue out, what right, or indeed ab8ility, does the UK have?
  13. Any danger of this person's property at risk,very much doudt it? seems abit ironic while many starve in Zimbabwe his charmless daughter lives the life of luxury etc.and at present is attending Leeds Uni,taking law-how to keep despotic black rulers happy and not loose your business law?
    Chrles Davey

  14. The World would be a better place if we just ignored him.

    Yes people would suffer but they are going to anyway. As long as we give aid we are supporting regimes suh as this.
    Africans need to solve Africas problems. Interventionism started this and interventionism is prolonging it.