Mugabes daughter studying in the UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. You couldn't make it up! What's the point of a travel ban if it doesn't apply to the families as well?

  2. Lets hope the LSE SU still know how to demo for human rights!

  3. As a foreign student it is likely (though not totally set) that not only is she paying tution fees, but they are also overseas fees - about £8000 a year. Which is why universities are keen on overseas students
  4. I don't see why a tyrant's daughter should be personally victimised. "Sins of the father . . ." and so on. Not her fault (she wasn't born until long after Zimbabwe was established), and LSE may well be doing her good.

    But I think the question of possible taxpayers' money going on her protection probably ought to answered.
  5. Indeed.

    Interesting that she's studying at the LSE. I wonder how the conversation pans out around the family dinner table when she mentions what she's learned about how to run a successful economy.
  6. I also wonder what Mugabe Jr. had to say about this article from the LSE SU magazine...

  7. I assume the gutter press know about this, if not, WHY NOT !!!

    let them do the bleating and ask the awkward questions up the chain of contempt ... ooops I meant .........I WAS right, yes, I meant contempt
  8. And in other news, 'Snoop Dogg' is denied a UK tour visa. (link)

    Whilst I have no problem with this, you'd think that Mugabe's daughter might be more of a priority?
  9. At least we get some of our overseas aid money back then :threaten:
  10. Maybe I'm not as enlightened a being as you, but I certainly don't take that view.

    She is the spawn of one of the worst tyrants to have graced a blood-soaked continent, and the message needs to be put forward that those associated with these murderous country-wreckers will not be tolerated in the West. Kick the little biatch out, keep what fees she's paid, and ban the rest of them from ever setting foot.
  11. you can't blame her for what her father has done
  12. I've seen on teletext that the minister who made the statement about Mugabes daughter at the LSE has admitted that he was talking bollocks and she isn't!!
  13. Much as I don't like copying tyrants...

    I think we should take everything of Mugabe's (daughter included) and flog it to the masses on ebay.
  14. Students ain't going to like that, I'm sure the Amnesty International group will be having discussions.
  15. How strange...