Mugabees newest racist law

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KyleH, Feb 13, 2010.

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  1. He is a fekin clown.
  2. Labour put him in power .

    They got rid of a guy who flew with Rhodesian Squadrons in the Battle of Britain for communists like Mugabe.
  3. Sod him.
    If he takes measures to put his country out of business, next time he claims it's all Britain's fault, people are going to look at him like this: 8O .

    Or maybe like this: :? .
  4. I still don't understand why the white minority has clung on to this shitehole, its obviously a hostile place for them?? Perhaps its a 'white mentality' thing, "You're not welcome" - "We'll stay then!"

    South Africa used to play 2nd fiddle to Zim's fruit and grain exports, and now makes billions out of this 'crisis,' so you can expect no pressure from them to resolve this, although they have the power to do so.
  5. Watching a prog on the Beeb this am - showing how some Zimbabweans are making shedloads of cash out of the country - nothing to do with being family relations of Mugabe of course.....
  6. Zim is a prime example of the bleeding heart left at its worst.
  7. Ebagum ought to be glad he ain't got any oil, as for the whites in there its time to mag and get the fcuk outta there.
    Leave him to it and stop giving him the oxygen of publicity.
  8. You're right, but it's a crying shame. I have a friend who grew up in Rhodesia and 'bitter' doesn't begin to convey what she feels about the current situation.

    It's difficult to put into perspective, but the country she grew up in has vanished. The place she thought she'd always call home has been replaced by a vaguely familiar third world version where she is the enemy.
  9. I am surprised he has not "Disappeared" before now tbh !

  10. That was clever of them, seeing as Jim Callaghan left No.10 in May 1979 and Zimbabwe became independent in April 1980. Talking of British influence over the first Zimbabwean elections though, there is this interesting blurb from Wiki (my bold):

    Perhaps they're proud to be where are from, have a real of the love the land they were raised on and regard themselves as much a part of that country as their black compatriots.
  11. Don't you wish they had something that could benefit the 'West'. Mugabe would be a hanging from a rope in the middle of a smoking hole in the ground if he had oil.
  12. I think he was referring to the two Wilson tenures - which pretty much nailed the lid shut for Rhodesia. The Tories were basically saddled with a mess not of their making. There's no reason why Rhodesia could not have been a stable independent Commonwealth Realm had it not been sanctioned to **** under two Wilson governments (Heath was never in long enough to achieve anything remotely useful and was more interested in the EEC).

    Smith was on the noddle when it came to understanding what would happen with majority rule, and quite rightly told Wilson to ram it. Imposing sanctions on a colony simply because it refused to kowtow to the 'right on' attitudes that prevailed in a country half a world away was madness. Rhodesia should have been supported, not punished. But as the march of Communism across Africa in the wake of European colonialism pretty much suited the Marxist agenda of Labour and its supporters, it was knackered. So yes, Zimbabwe is a Labour creation. Another fcuking success story on a CV of disasters.

    Labour were also singularly responsible for the deification of this individual.
  13. Ian Smith was sooooo loyal to the UK that he declared unilateral independence in the early 60's. The country he and his administration created then had to suffer under UN economic sanctions. I'm not trying to defend the Wilson govs but at the time we were losing colonies hand over fist and Smith refused to play the game and made things a lot worse with what was a pig headed attitude.

    I do concede though that what went before Mugabe was far more humane than what that particular pig headed half wit is doing now. I believe that he blamed Blair for the last crop failure stating that it was due to a chemical attack by us. And his favourite get-out-of-jail-card is to rant publicly that he will ensure that Zimbabwe will never surrender to the white imperialist invasion that is massing and on their way.
  14. Ian Smith was a great man trying to do the best for his country.

    The unilateral declaration of independence was for a reason, he didn't do it on a whim.