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  1. _Chimurenga_

    _Chimurenga_ LE Gallery Guru

    Fixed that for you.

    I still hold out that hope that Mugabe, Jimmy Carter, and Lord Carrington will all die on the same day in the very near future.

    What sort of odds would PaddyPower or Ladbrokes give me for this trifecta?
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  2. [​IMG]

    remember this?
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  3. _Chimurenga_

    _Chimurenga_ LE Gallery Guru

    "[ZANLA chief of staff Rex] Nhongo told [RhAF Group Captian] Peter Petter-Bowyer during the ceasefire, 1979-80, that ZANLA could not have got through the next dry season because the Fire Force and the external raids were killing his elite, the auxiliaries [Pfumo re Vanhu] were denying him the ground, RENAMO was strangling his supply lines. In April 1979, as 2 ic RIC Research, I watched the CT activity cease in the aftermath of the Muzorewa election and then slowly renew as Jimmy Carter refused to recognise Muzorewa and then Carrington persuaded Thatcher not to fulfil her election promise to recognise a 'free and fair' election. Once Thatcher refused and proposed the Commonwealth Heads of Government, CT activity slowly revived. An opportunity had been lost to avoid the West's coronation of Mugabe." --- JRT Wood
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  4. If that's so, things can only get better.

    Maybe they'll bring inflation down below 10,000%.
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  5. _Chimurenga_

    _Chimurenga_ LE Gallery Guru

    A recurring joke round my office was, "How do you say lebensraum in Mandarin?"
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  6. Priorities man. Dr Grace Mugabe is having to wear the same shoes more than once. She's traumatised.

    The other Mugabe is reverting to type with a plan to print US dollars to clear Air Zimbabwe's debts and buy his wife new shoes. The Federal Reserve isn't keen on this so debtors and Jimmy Choo may have to accept photocopied Zimbabwe Dollars or Grace will beat the cr@p out of them.

    Can't see the people hanging old Bob before the grim reaper gets to him. I can see the crown being passed to his wife soon after Bob's death as Zimbabwe becomes the next nominally socialist country to turn into a dynastic, absolute monarchy. The Chinese will do feck all unless their interests are directly threatened.
  7. Put it about quite a bit, or so it is rumoured...
  8. Are they banned from the EU under sanctions or because their fleet doesn't meet the required standards?
  9. Mostly for safety issues.

    Why AirZim received an EU ban - The Standard

    But as has been written above, there's a fair chance that aircraft could be seized in EU.
  10. IF they could get there, even with the 777's, as we're still looking at guarantees for landing fees, etc, which it looks like they don't have.
  11. Ethiop and Emirates are loving it.
    Any Zimbos with money, or foreigners, fly in and out via Dubai or Addis Ababa.
    Air Zim's limited flights are money-losers, as the majority of pax are gubberment employees, and therefore flying on vouchers.
    If AirZim were allowed into Europe, then at least they could earn 'hard' currency.
    Maintenance on their fleet is often done by... SAA! Who are spunking money away as well, and questions are being asked by the opposition as to why the SA taxpayer is paying to fix jets which aren't even ours.
    Outside contractors demand cash-up-front before touching AirZim stuff.
    *allegedly* a few years back somebody at SAA tried to pull a fast one, and had an AirZim plane stripped of ID, and tried to get XYZ Industries to do some work on it, to be paid by SAA, as if it were an SAA plane.
    XYZ told them to GFY, as AirZim owed them $$$$$$.
    Bribes were offered - of the 'overinflate your invoice and we'll pay it' kind.
    GFY again.
    Africa - not for cissies.
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  12. Since when did anything in Sub-Saharan Africa make sense?