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  1. Savages, the lot of them.
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  2. She seems to be a dab hand with the Sjambok.She should be offered a job in the SA Police...;)
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. As if they didn't expect her to do a runner after the President of Sudan was allowed to get away as well.
  5. Inflatable pants- sweet!
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  6. I guess this"model" was just there to promote a new clothing range.
  7. Posting pics on the social media with skimpy stuff on doesn't make you a 'model'...
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  8. Ah, so that's where I is going wrong...
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  9. Well, who am I to besmirch this young lady's reputation?
  10. Okay , I'll stop then.
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  11. I've never seen you in skimpys, Dan.
    Link, please?
    For a mate, of course.
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  12. To be fair, we have some PCSOs that aren't that far off. Not the latest intake of Cops though, my No.2 described them as like watching a children's fancy dress party.
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  13. Or with the whips in the house of commons, it could work for some... i.e. behave and don't rebel on this vote, and you get the Sjambok
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  14. I hoped having read the thread title that this was going to be good news and that Uncle Bob had popped his flip flops.

    Rhodesia was once great.
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