Mugabe - Whats he up to?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Screw_The_Nut, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. So, where is this whole mess in Zim heading eh? One minute he was holding on to power like a demented tramp on hot chips, for 20 years, the next he is "thinking of resigning"? He even said he wants his son to succeed him, in previous statements. So what's going on, has he finally got off crack/sobered up/put the bong away?

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  2. Why the concern all of a sudden? The powers that be in this country haven't bothered with this guy for the past 20 years.

    And what's a Bong?
  3. Four-fifths of a percussion instrument.
  4. I agree with MWA. Why should we care waht goes on in Zimbabwe (really Rhodesia). They wanted - and fought for independence. Now they've got it let them get on with it. We've got our own tyrant to worry about.
  5. Are you stupid? They havn't chosen to keep Mugabe in all these years, he's taken it himself. At the end of every term that coward rigs the votes so he stays in power. As a South African, we get a hell of a lot of Zimbabweans going into our country to escape the mess in theirs. I moved to the UK 4 years ago, and it's still going on today. He takes government money (he is worth billions) and uses it for himself while his country suffers.

    I'm sure if you google 'Robert Mugabe's house' you will see the lavish palace he has had built for himself.
  6. As Trevor Howard, (playing AVM Keith Park) in the film the Battle of Britain
    said, " The bastards are up to something".
  7. Where's Sir Mark thatcher when you need him?
  8. I reckon they're still trying to work out who the poor b@stard that gives him the good news will be - life expectancy of about half a nano-second !
  9. You mean this little place ?

    He can buy an old one from one of our footballers
  10. Thanks for the vote of support there Rockpile but I didn't say we shouldn't care. I said that the powers that be in this country aren't bothered. Personally, I'd be happy to see the idiot removed from his plush house and dealt with by the very people he has ruled over all this time.
  11. According to some negotiating an exit with immunity from prosecution by the new Zim. government for his many crimes.

    Wants to spend more time with his plundered Billions.
  12. Local solution for a local problem? Why doesn't SA or the AU do something?
  13. Insulting me does not alter my point of view . It is not my concern what other people do in their own countries. If the vote is fixed then it's up to Zimbabwean nationals to rectify it not outsiders. He was voted in in the first place. And since you live in the UK what do you mean by 'our country'? Are you someone who has not wholly embraced British society?
  14. I imagine there is a long queue made up of those who wish to give him "the good news" too...
  15. Or even Southern Rhodesia for the mature arrser