Mugabe to evict rich land owners

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. Will this be the last outrage?

    Will the population finally tell him to sling his hook??

  2. It's all good. With the eviction of the neighbours and given the size of the target, even the Spams could hit him with the minimum of fuss. :twisted:

    A_S By this point, the population are probably too bloody hungry to overthrow him.
  3. Aah! Where are those arch-overthrowers Hoare and Steiner when you need them!

  4. for those of you not already reading it Peta Thornycroft's blog on zimbabwe is worth a read the link is on the telegraph site next to the story
  5. Oh for a team of Arrse led mercs to go in and burn it down with the black savage inside it! was that a racist comment drawing attention to the fact he is black and also a savage?
    Its an African country so he(Mugabe-black))will be allowed to do as he pleases as we do not won't to be classed as colonial bullies do we(whites)
    Seems ironical that the only person to stand up to him is Peter Thatchell-Gay Rights.
  6. As much as I detest Thatchell , at least he's had a pop on several occasions.
  7. Her bravery is in publicly stating some of what many people in the country experience and believe - but only some of it; she'd very quickly find herself in deep poo if she made political comment on it. She reports on the effects that the insane (ie: Standard African) Government policies have on the people. She hasn't access to the key figures in and around the Government who could tell what they know about the immense corruption and stupidity destroying the economy, and reducing the people to starving serfs under a man now building a $10m palace for himself, with money which came from ... ok, you see what I mean.

    Ceausescu, anyone?
  8. Not exactly surprising this, is it?

    And our response will be similarly unsurprising: A couple of condemnatory sound bites and, er... that's it.

    Mind you I can't honestly blame TCB for the lack of action in this case; what the hell can Britain do? If we went in and sorted it out, the UN would doubtless condemn us for reforming Empire or some such cack, and all African states would be up in arms. Anyway, HM Forces are already somewhat busy at the mo (not that that's ever stopped TCB before).
  9. Which government policies probably explain why the guy ahead of her in the grocery checkout spent Zim$14 million to pick up a rump steak, a couple of bottles of South African wine, and some cornflakes.

    I have read that Mad Bob M. is financing his administration with (1) foreign aid, (2) proceeds of larcenies and expropriations and (3) the printing press.

    Couple of years ago I read that he met a crisis shortage of foreign exchange by having his secret police grab foreigners and confiscate whatever foreign currency they had in their wallets.
  10. Does this mean Ian Smith was right all along?

    My understanding of Zimbabwean history is a little sketchy. But as far as I know he wasn't so much opposed to blacks being allowed to vote its just that he wanted a more gradual handover. In order to give the state time to improve literacy levels etc within the black population - essential qualities for a democracy to function.

    Now I know there are lots of ARRSErs who will argue he was indeed right - but is there anyone who can argue against it? I find the idea of not allowing sections of the population to vote very unpalatable, but perhaps it was the only thing possible for Zimbabwe?
  11. I suspect that Mugabe is headed for health problems - maybe a heart attack.
  12. A nice fig-leaf, until you examine the facts. Smith's regime provided free, compulsory schooling to whites, but any schooling for blacks was at their own expense, and not compulsory. It's a nice little trap, you'll get the vote when you're as educated as we are, but your government is not going to provide that education. Smith shared Malan's view that blacks were only good for hewing wood and fetching water, anyone trying to make them believe otherwise was a troublemaker.
    The fact that Uncle Bob's rule is a disaster for all does not mean that racially-based rule was a good thing for anyone - except those with the right skin colour. I'd say that nothing much has changed, there is a small elite that's making themselves rich and living well by screwing over the rest of the populaton. They just ain't white anymore - and that's why the rest of Africa won't do a damned thing about it.
  13. That's about right, I think. But in re Tricam's points above, perhaps you should read up on the Matabele genocide directed by Mugabe. I've no real time for the whenwe's, who in my opinion were part of a dinosaurish, arrogant, unashamedly two-tier social system, intent on enriching themselves at the expense of the Africans, and with no real plan for including them in an equitable future of the country. Maybe Mugabe just took his lessons on self-centredness from them. He didn't need any lessons on large-scale human slaughter from anyone, though, and he has no justification for the callous treatment which he's inflicted on the people of the country. If the UN had teeth (and a GenSec with balls) , it would hang him and a large number of his lieutenants publicly, after taking stewardship of the economy.

  14. whats happened to Ian Smith recently, i haven't heard much from him since all this started