Mugabe ... thats my man!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ancient, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. Come on gents , we all hate him,he's the bad boy of african politics. He oppresses the week , has his boys beat up the poor and disenfranchised , suppresses democracy and uses blackmail, murder ,rape and violence as political tools , but ask yourselves , deep inside your dark heart , is there a bit of you that thinks that Robert Mugabe is cool ?
    I have to admit to myself that the title of " totally unrepentant bstard " is some thing of a trophy . The ability to say " I dont care one starving native life whether you like me or not " , or " I will oppress my people to the point of anarchy , UN observers , I care not what you say ,think or do " and " 180,000,000% inflation is ok " . Come on gents even the Isralies are more repentant than that ! So can anyone suggest a more suitable candidate for the title "UNREPENTANT BSTARD OF HISTORY "
  2. Anybody who is the enemy of Peter Tatchell can't be all bad.
  3. My point exactly ... Given the chance would you also rob amd ruin a country for all it's mineral and agricultural wealth , bank it and when questioned , blame it ,( with a straight face ), on "the british empire" !!! Come on, you gotta love the man!!
  4. sadly, boys and girls, words alone will not get rid of this murderer. Someone surely has to put a case to the ICC or, better still, someone has to get that ex-SAS guy out of the E Guinea prison and get him to lead a decent coup against MUgabe.

    All we get are words words words, from every president, prime minister and Desmond Tutu. Surely Nelson Mandela should be chucking his Zimmer Frame at the nurses and putting his 4penneth in. At least normal people listen to him.

    I'm just going to pack my kit, can someone lend me a gun ?? and I will be ready.
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I would suggest you 2 tw@ts go and try and live there before making statements like that.

    I take it your SS uniform is pressed and ready for use.
  6. My family used to live there in fact my uncle is buried there, in Bulawayo so I have a pretty good idea what I am talking about.

    One can read about so much murdering and maiming but when it comes to hurting children and starving children, then enough is enough !
  7. Post was meant in a light hearted and naafi bar manner old yin . And I lived there during the bush war , moving then to Zaire ( another despot country ) . My heart bleeds for the people there , Mugabe will win this "election " and the free world will do nothing as usual . If they call for us to help , I will be the first to put my webbing on and sign on , but they won't ,becauese nobody in europe , in power , gives a cuff.
  8. You have to admire his tenacity.
  9. Bring back Joshua ( serious hair ) but no Nkomo.
  10. Interesting, back when we were putting Mugabe in power, I said it was a mistake and was called a Nazi for thinking that.

    If you want serious analysis:

    We have no troops to send.

    If we had someone to send they would have to fight their way across at least one other country just to get to Zimbabwe.

    If we did take him on all his fellow dictators would come to his aid.
  11. We have lots of plans - but no resources.

    Sad isn't it, when all our assets are committed to wars that many find questionable, that when there is a true reason to go and get stuck in, that we have nothing to offer.

    And no, I don't see him as some kind of black humour anti hero. He's a murdering cnut. Simple as.
  12. My bold. Depending on what you want to do , why would we have to fight our way across 'another country'? I rather think that if we were serious that we could go straight in (given the resources blah blah blah).

    But of course - we aren't serious and we don't have the resources............................
  13. Hear hear Mr Dead. Incidentally If it does all go Pete Tong over there, start buying up all of Pirelli's rejects. The 'Soweto Necklace' is back in vogue. You heard it here first.

  14. Last time I looked, he's oppressed the last 28 years.

    Whatever happened to 'one man, one vote'?
  15. Zimbabwe is landlocked, so you have got to cross another country to get there. None of Zimbabwe's neighbours are going to let us cross unopposed.

    Theoretically you could fly over the other country, in which case the combat would be air to air and SEAD, but that is still fighting. Also you would need a very big and long range airforce to do that.