Mugabe rival quits election race

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vampireuk, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. Anybody care?
  2. fight back I say, take it to Mugabe's Palace and then line him up against a wall and shot.

    If I was living there that would be my option, however bad it is, what he is doing worse, my snapping point would have been reached long ago.
  3. having been back in africa for a short while after getting out... i now realise that i need to get the f-out of this continent rapid. I think Di'Caprio said it in Blood Diamond... God left this place a long time ago....
  4. Not surprising, really. No election was ever going to get rid of Mugabe, no pointing getting your people killed for nothing.

    The other Blood Diamond saying summed it up - TIA.
  5. Perhaps two tommohawk cruise fired from a sub off Africa would fill the bill. After all WE have done it before!!
  6. This is African "Culture". The same "culture" that we are commanded to embrace over here as part of the "multicultural" revolution.
    It's becoming very popular in London, just check the news any day of the week.
  7. Good on him, He would never have won anyway atleast now alot of people will grow up with their hands. The place is fcuked up big time, and it will never change.
  8. are you refering to street crime, or the behaviour of our politicians?

  9. Sadly inevitable, a lot of people are going to die out there before too much longer.
  10. maybe i'm just cynical, but post genocide, our political overlords will say, if only we could have seen this coming, perhaps we could have done something.......
  11. I watch this on the news with despair and frustration, this country was once called 'the bread basket of Africa' and now they're lucky if they can make a slice of toast. I remember the blokes coming back off the ceasefire monitoring team stating that the place would fall apart under ZANU, it took it's time but it surely has.
    Some of you may remember the influx we had from the Rhodesian army after it all, all decent blokes who knew what was coming. Why the fcuk we haven't intervened is beyond me, no oil perhaps.
    The lack of action when British passport holders were getting burned off their farms to me was an act of betrayal from the spineless Govt that will never be surpassed.

    Anyhow, rant over.
  12. Hahahahaha hohoohoho heehehehehee

    Oh my ribs.
  13. With regards to?
  14. I agree completely, Ski, the politicians are preparing to blame everyone but themselves.

    Jack-Daniels, I'd love to agree with you, and I do in many respects, but are you talking about those same loyal British-passort waving white Rhodesians who were so supportive of that monster Ian Smith's regime, when UDI was declared?

    If so, then
    He was worse than Mugabe, in many respects. Especially if you had dark skin.