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Mugabe may be about to join 5A and stacker1...

My parents talked about stories like this when I was a small child.the general population back in zim believe the man to possess supernatural powers,they don't reckon he will ever die...I tend to believe them too.
I can see his slow demise rapidly turning into a scene from Weekend At Bernies like they did with the last pope.
Couldn't happen to a nicer chap. Maybe now Zim can grow to be the country it should be.
Not likely.

He doesn't run the show anymore it's his second generation mentalists, you would have to drop an airborne brigade on the posh suburb of Harare and kill all his cabinet in one night to bring things to a close in Zim.

It's only going to get worse, best case scenario is that they keep upsetting the Botswanans who then kick the shit out the regular army but that still leaves the recently reformed 5th Brigade to deal with.

The country is circling the drain.
If bob goes the only thing that will happen is mnangagwa will take power by 'legitimate vote' and oversee more atrocities to make a point....
As with most African shit hole countries, they get the leaders and governments they deserve.

Whatever happens to Bob they'll get another money- and power-grabbing leader who will do the same to them over and over, ad infinitum.

I hope Mugabe dies a most painful death.

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