Mugabe losing the battle against cancer

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tool, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. Some might call that Karma.......I say bloody good news though. Hope its spreading at a rampant rate!
  2. Lets hope it is extremely painful, for his nation its a pity this didn't happen 20 years ago.
  3. Oh maybe there is a God, but he sure took his sweet time.
  4. Seeing a urologist eh, good, I hope his dick drops off before he pegs it!
  6. Couldn't happen to a nicer person. Get worse soon Bob.
  7. Would I be right in guessing that he isn't being treated in a hospital in Zimbabwe?
  8. Of course not. He's been out in Singapore for tests and treatment for prostate cancer. Hopefully this involved having a knitting needle forced down his Jap's eye for a biopsy. Plenty of rectal exams too we hope. Hey Bob, you've had another man's fingers up your hoop. You're now officially gay.

    Apparently the end is nigh and, in the true spirit of communist dictators everywhere, he's scouting around for a successor. His kids are a bit too young to carry the torch so it might be down to his missus, if she can find a way to run the country while trying on shoes at Jimmy Choo.
  9. With you there Bobthe'
  10. The Pastor in a local Church caused a few people to suck their teeth when, in his intercessionary prayers, he asked that Mugabe would die soon to relieve the suffering of Zimbabwe ...
  11. I lived in Zim for about 6 months in the mid 80's - things were not too bad then, but you could see where it was heading. The **** is utterly insane, psychopathic and dangerously unstable.

    I hope he rots from the inside very slowly and very painfully.

    Here's a lovely link to some of the wonderful things he has done for his country over the years.

    Nightmare of Mugabe's Matabele atrocities | Sokwanele

    The whole world should hang its head for allowing this bastard and his followers to carry on like this for so long
  12. I hope then end comes quickly but very painfully. The sooner he is gone the better.
  13. Whats the odds on there being a nice quiet democratic handover of power when he pops his clogs?
  14. Ah, a little ray of sunshine in a rainswept day. Truly, there is a God! One party I definitely don't want to be invited to ...Bob, Maggie, Ron, Tony and Cherie, with the 2 Georgies providing the music. Venue for the get-together is already settled, just a matter of time.