Mugabe Facing Regime Change ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. If Mugabe needs outside help its an indication that he cannot rely on his security forces. The Ninjas are pretty brutal and may be the spark that will send the people into the streets.

  2. Can you hear the deafening silence from the government?

    Where are all the anti apartheid activists? Don't they care about oppresssion in Africa any more..

    Now where's Peter Hain? Oh I forgot, Mugabe is the wrong colour to be criticised too much.
  3. Endgame in Zim, I'm afraid. The dragon's teeth sown at the Lancaster House Agreement (a.k.a. The Great Betrayal) have sprung up armed men, and Zimbabwe is bleeding badly.

    A huge amount of what Ian Smith predicted has now come to pass.

    I get almost daily emails from pals in Zim. who have been too poor or too stubborn to leave for Oz, NZ, Mozambique etc., as so many other Zimmers have over the years; and they all see nothing now but a fast slide to chaos.

    Mbeke of RSA has been pusillanimous to an intolerable degree (apparently Mugabe did his father some favours and he feels personally obligated); but now that Tutu, Mandela and many others are really shouting for denunciation of the Mugabe regime, he will probably be forced to speak out sooner rather than later. The risks of chaos overspill into RSA are very real.

    The chances of any input from Bliar? He may be forced to send aid, when things get really dire; and he might help airlift a few UK passport holders to safety in some kind of token gesture. But nothing more.

    "Bleed, bleed, poor country . . .. ."
  4. In my estimation this despot is being allowed to dig his own grave. Diplomatic pressure from other black countries means that military action is not on the cards but Zimbabwe is being bled dry by sanctions and the actions of ZPF to the point where there will be either a coup detat or a full scale rebellion. In either case Mugabe will not live to see a natural end.
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  6. Correct - if the emails from Zim are to be believed. He has overreached himself this time, and the walls are falling in.

    Interestingly, no-one in Zim seems to be expecting a coup, and the MDC seem to be the obvious party of government when things settle again (although they seem naive, and have no track record of ever having achieved much, apart from being a focus for discontent with the Mugabe regime).

    Local feeling seems to be that the immediate future will simply be a matter of survival amid country-wide chaos.

    Watch out for the top brass of ZANU-PF exiting soonish by private aircraft to asylum in various north African states, from which they can access those Swiss bank accounts. Mugabe may perhaps stay to die in a ditch, in which case good riddance.
  7. Will the international powers allow them to exodus and bleed the country dry? They did with Idi Amin but the world has changed since then and, in my opinion, even the African states would pursue the recovery of stolen money or goods.

    Marcos is a good example.
  8. Agreed, where is the repulsive Hain ?

    He had enough to say when he was over here agitating years ago.

    Why was he allowed to stay here ? Why, oh! why, do the good people of Neath - Castell Nedd - have the oily, smarmy, self-seeking, self-congratulating shyster as their MP ?
  9. Thabo Mbeki does not mind if the end-game in Zimbabwe is a brutal one. It serves as a stick to wave at his own white citizens, should they be recalcitrant on land ownership "reform".

    As for refugees, South Africa has been cherry-picking white and black refugees with skills and quals for some time now.
  10. Shoot the twat - end ex
  11. Difficult to see how they could be stopped, if they had a willing, pre-arranged welcome in another state. The end has been in sight for so long in Zim that they've had plenty of time to plan their departure. Presumably all they've got to do now is make that phone call.

    Whatever they take (or have already exported for stashing away), Zimbabwe will retain huge mineral wealth, and its land will still be fertile, and that can't be uplifted and spirited away. The immediate problems will include the destruction of the infrastructure of machinery etc. and the decimation and scattering of the population.

    And there is always AIDS . . . .

  12. I have just read on AOL News a Harare court has ruled the injured activists may leave the country to seek medical help. Big question: Will the police let them leave ?
  13. Good point.

    Seems the Zim judiciary are still held in some regard, and have maintained some independence; but the realities of Zim. life still have to be faced outside the courtroom.

    From comment I've had from Zim friends, I doubt it they'll be permitted to leave
  14. One of the news agencys reported a few days ago that there were now problems with paying at least some of the army and police, That does tend to be a sign of the end.
  15. The assets of individuals can be frozen - even if the "gnomes" object. It could take years to resolve and in the meantime they would be forced to live in poverty.