Mugabe buys fighters to repulse imperialism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Acid_Tin, Apr 14, 2005.

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  1. Chimurenga is a Shona word which means to fight or struggle. Traditionally, chimurenga or 'bongozozo' is a fight in which everyone at hand participates. The word's modern interpretation has been extended to describe a struggle for human rights, political dignity and social justice. I suggest that this is somewhat ironic.

    I know that it's been done to death on this fine site, but how long are the mandarins going to allow this persecution to go on, simply because the Rhodesians 'went their own way' 30 plus years ago?

    Click here for full story from Guardian Online
  2. Assuming there was the will and the resources to engage the tw*t, where would we stage the attack from? Just about every government in sub-Saharan Africa supports him and he's too far away from the coast for Ocean and the Invinicle class "through deck cruisers" to reach him.
  3. I hope that he looks after the K-8s better than he did the Hawks!! Also that the Chinese screwed him over a la BAESYSTEMS!!
  4. he'll only park the f*cking things along with his Rolls Royce and they'll rust in the sun like everything else in Zim...

    Wait for his private jet to fly him out with the cash...then gun him down in the atlantic.
  5. That'll do nicely.
  6. Just musing....

    'wonder what effect a large para landing on Salisbury - Harare, sorry - airport would have....? Would it result in a fight, or the quickest and most bloodless regime change in recent history...?
  7. send in tomohawks if we got any left then talo in the paras .Cover storey there mercs just stopping off to buy some cheap guns :) .Endex by dawn .
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    You must be kidding! Can anyone imagine Crab Air taking Hercs within 100 miles of any sort of real, flying, Air Defence - even if it is only a half-dozen Chinese knock-offs. That'd still be more than enough to take out some Hercs - unless they had a decent amount of counter-air first.

    Even if one of them got up amongst the Hercs, it'd be enough.
  9. We've already got the Op training video - Wild Geese!
  10. Can we drop the Paras on Stanta and tell them it's the bush?

    Having done this they can secure some "bridges" whilst everyone else goes to the party.

    This way we can get the job done AND they can big themselves up without having to go to the trouble of having to do the dangling thing?
  11. In order to send in the brigade to DZ on harare, we need the crabs. Does anyone know the number for good local hotels, it must have a pool and they wont do anything less than 4 star, oh, and if its a weekend or after 1700hrs drop you're looking for, i'm afraid they need atleast 2 months notice in order to come up with a suitable "B******s to that!"
  12. I say we opt for the 'Dawn of The Dead' scenario and starve the f*ckers out....then maybe send in the duke of boots with some claw hammers and golf buggies.

    (more effective that what we had on telic)
  13. How sad am I

  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    that'll be a Stab insult I imagine.

    Some of this has been covered in the thread over in Multinational HQ at

    Check it out - some of the old Rhodie Selous Scout types (led by Cutaway) have already mused on the Wild Geese scenario.

    In their version it's all over by sundown and the barbie goes on till dawn.....

    Same ole sh7t, different day.....

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