Mugabe attacks Blair to win votes

President Robert Mugabe celebrated his 81st birthday yesterday by portraying Tony Blair as Zimbabwe's chief villain and vowing to defeat him in the forthcoming election.

Mr Mugabe appeared on state television and described the parliamentary polls due on March 31 as a personal battle between him and the Prime Minister.

"I am for the truth, Blair is for the untruthful," said Mr Mugabe. "I would tell him that he is a liar, straightforwardly, on Zimbabwe, and he knows he is telling a lie, a deliberate lie."

These "lies" are, according to the president, Mr Blair's accusations that human rights abuses are taking place in Zimbabwe.

Moreover, Mr Mugabe has convinced himself that Zimbabwe's opposition, the Movement for Democratic Change, is nothing more than a British puppet under the direct control of Mr Blair.

Mr Mugabe said the MDC leadership was collaborating with Britain and guilty of "betrayal" and "treason".

He believes that portraying Mr Blair as a pantomime villain and reviving the grievances of the colonial past are vote-winners.

One chapter, headed The Blair Factor, in the ruling Zanu-PF party's election manifesto presents Mr Blair as a Victorian imperialist in the mould of Cecil Rhodes, obsessed with restoring the land that Mr Mugabe seized from all but a handful of Zimbabwe's 4,000 white farmers.

• The European Union yesterday renewed its sanctions targeted on Mr Mugabe's regime. He is among 95 officials banned from visiting any member state. Assets they have in European banks are liable to be frozen and Zimbabwe is also the subject of an arms embargo.

The sanctions, first imposed in 2002, were renewed for another 12 months, but will be reviewed after the election next month.
Another attempt by an unpopular leader to try create a climate of fear which will benefit his chances of passing draconian laws and re-election. Sounds like somewhere i know! :twisted:


Kit Reviewer
I thought Bliar had modelled his vision for the UK on Uncle Bob's regime.
YES, anyone who slags off BLIAR gets my vote.
Pity it had to come from Africas version of Adolf Hitler though.

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