Mugabe asks whites to come back!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Feb 9, 2006.

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    The audacity of the tosser beggars belief.
  2. If it wasn't for the fact he is an obviously insane bugger, I'd have said un-fcukin'-believable!

    I hope none of them return because the only hope for that country is total disillusionment with that despot and a revolution from within. If anyone goes along with this they'll merely be propping up his regime and any beneficial results will be spun as the sole work of the benign Uncle Bob... :roll:

    Edited to get my tenses right!
  3. Let's go! Tooled up to visit some death and destruction on the fcuker.
  4. hehehehe, gotta love that picture of bob that the torygraph have got :d
  5. How long would it be before he starts to stir up the race hate again by claiming that the whites are coming back to steal black land again.

    This man has no policy apart from playing the race and tribal cards anytime him and his filthy communists fail to run the country properly, which has been ever since he gained power, which is why it has been continual.

    None of the Rhodesians (thy never describe themselves as anything else) I know would ever consider going to Zimbabwe to be used as whipping boys for Mugabe.
  6. Are there currently sanctions against the place or not? Reason I ask is that it's prolly a result of those beginning to bite?

    I hope no-one takes him up on thy eoffer though as echoing other responses, its playing inot his hands to get a short term gain and easing of sanctions, once he's solidified his postition again it'll be time for another rampage and more violence and death. Its not nice for the folk who's land was taken away from them to know that they could go back and 'lease' it back again, knowing they'll loose it again, possibly more violently than last time................
  7. lets hope South Africa learns from Zimbabwes situation , because if they don't then you will have 2 african basket case nations .
  8. I'm sure I've seen that moustache somewhere before.

    And yes, fcuk him. I've got friends who were beasted off their property and out of Zim with all that they could carry - they're now stuck in SA making a pittance and trying to get back on their he wants them back? well, sorry son, if my friends are anything to go by, they wouldn't go back for love nor money.
  9. Trouble is, there are a group of leftie, tree-hugging, galloway supporters who spend their spare time sitting at barrimores swimming pool who will insist on public awareness of it being a good thing to go in and help this poor, mis-guided fat Bl*** T*at.
    Yes the whites should go, but only if flying a bomber or armed to the teeth.
  10. Many of them are making new lives in Malawi and Botswana; hence the major improvement in both countries' economies!
  11. Rubbish Bobos - Name one mainstream left-winger who supports Mugabe?

    Interesting story... wonder is it true? Can't imagine what he's playing at....

  12. The South African Government. Most of the corrupt governments in Africa, particularly Zambia. EU in Rome in October 05, UN, China, the church in Malawi. Seem to remember the Mayor of London supported him when Pouff Tatchell tried to make a citizens arrest in London. Brain-dead of Bolsover complained about Bliars negative attitude towards the despot. I am sure there are a few more
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I sincerely hope nobody falls for this again.

    Oom Bob did this in the eighties too, he'd been skopping families off farms they'd worked for generations and given them to his cronies.

    Long after it became apparent to the rest of the world that the Zim agricultural system was heading for Harare in a handbasket, he offered farms for sale.
    Guess where the dosh went.

    A number of people travelled to Zim, bought their farms from the governmunt and through much hard work began to reverse the rot that had set in.
    They were also were amongst the farmers targetted by the state organised attacks of the 'war veterans' - ZIPRA and ZANLA must have been fielding three year old terrs.
    These new settlers were forced off the land they had bought and paid for by the very man who sold it to them !
    Mugabe would be Rackman's hero.

    The whole scheme is a tragic example of real life copying parody.
    (John Bird's Idi Amin speech, "We got to kick the whites back in for a bit before we kick them out again.")
  14. Bobos - Quite agree African governments have not been doing enough to tackle Mugabe, we should be using whatever leverage we have to force them to take a harder line. I got the impression you were talking about Western left-wingers supporting Mugabe which I think would be unfair.

    I'd doubt the round of applause he got in Rome in Oct 05 came from any western left-wingers - it was a UN meeting ( ). Don't know what Livingstone said about Mugabe, I've no doubt it was a load of rubbish but he's hardly main stream is he? Who is brain dead of Bolsover?

  15. Denniss the tw*t skinner.

    You are probably right. I just cannot understand why we sit back and let the fat black b*****d get away with genocide, murder, starving the population, and do nothing about it. We (not me personally) sat back in Bosnia for so long and look at the sheer number of innocent people who were killed., tortured etc. We sat back at let Saddam go on for long enough and I suppose Mugabe will carry on as long as he wants, because no-one will stand up to him, least of all the South Africans who could finish this all tomorrow.

    Yeah Ok nurse, I'll go quietly.