Mugabe and his Finance Minister Plead for IMF Help...!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by uncle_vanya, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. Caught something on the Channel4 News this evening. Something about Uncle Bob Mugabe pleading for IMF loans and for the US to lift sanctions against Zim.

    (shades Uncle Gordo McRuin.......)

    Well, well I thought. Maybe Uncle Bob needs IMF loans to hijack so he and his Zanuf-Pf henchmen can top off their overseas bank accounts. But then with the International credit crunch, the value of those stolen funds will have fallen quite a bit, dissapeared into Madoff's scam or be worth nothing at all now.

    Maybe Mugabe needs more overseas cash for his Mrs to go on shopping sprees in Singapore. It maybe that he has also has a secret retiremtn home there as well. :)

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    He's a cheeky chap, isn't he?

    "Please come to our aid," said Mugabe, announcing the unity government's Short Term Emergency Recovery Plan (STERP). "To the European Union and the United States, I appeal for the removal of your sanctions which are inhuman, cruel and unwarranted,"...

    ..."unlike my treatment of the Matabele; which was caring, compassionate and in the full spirit of revolutionary socialism, and all you whites, who are just dogshit.." (...he might have said.)

    He might find a soul brother in Brown. You never know.
  3. ******** comments aside, what sanctions?
  4. As I understand it, the sanctions are mainly to stop Mugabe, his missus and members of his government from travelling abroad.

    Grace Mugabe, his wife, is in the habit of rolling up to the central bank, demanding around 100,000 US dollars and commandeering a jet at the airport for a luxury shopping trip. She used to go to Europe for this and this was one of the main reasons why EU sanctions were introduced. She now goes to the middle and far east for her sprees.

    I suspect that the army are getting restless again. Mugabe promised to start paying them in US dollars rather than worthless, photocopied Zimbo dollars. In fact he doesn't have enough foreign currency reserves to do this so they're being paid in photocopied 'dollar vouchers'.

    In theory the vouchers can be exchanged for US dollars at the bank. In practice, there are no US dollars in commercial banks so the vouchers are as worthless as Zimbo dollars. Merchants will only accept hard cash. The blokes with the guns are not happy.
  5. The Deputy President has also trying to sell £150mGBP of DRC gold on the gold markets recently. It was stopped when the gold brokers realised who the seller was.

  6. Does that mean he could end up like Ceausescu? (that Romanian bloke) :D
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    We can hope :D
  8. Seeing as how the "Half Blind Lunatic" copied Mugabe's other economic Great Leaps forward, how long before he aquaints himself with IMF carpet?
  9. Honestly though... if this was going on in the middle east the general populous would rise up and behead every fu cker associated with government! What's wrong with zimbabwians? Kill the mofo! Easy!
  10. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Mugabe's wife was on a shopping trip to Hong Kong recently when one of her thugs beat up a journo taking pictures.

    Hopefully the grave beckons for Mugabe and wife after a slow and protracted death.
  11. The 'sanctions' are only intended to affect the Guilty. Sadly, I don't think you'll now be seeing my mug on the telly to tell my side of an associated story, as the UNDP, having been told about a just-about-to-erupt scandal, did the right thing recently and disconnected itself from a fairly lucrative deal down there - much to the chagrin of certain "listed" Zim personalities.

    If you're interested, I'll PM you, but it involved a Sheikh, a diamond, a handsome Security Chieftain and a fat, ugly, vile woman, and it's now history (maybe I'll write a book....!).

    All that aside, I'm fully prepared to forgive - and have so done - some apparently despicable behaviour on the part of people who in other circumstances wouldn't dream of it; real desperation makes you do what you can to keep your family fed and sheltered - "make a plan" really does mean life or death sometimes. Others here are quite aware of this; sometimes humour helps.