Muff Diving

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sunami, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. I used to love 'Diving for Muffs' I could Dive for Britain! Stopped all that married now.

  2. Great idea. Think of the more pleasant ASSpects! If you're troubled by the odor and taste...then get a kit.
    Have a strawberry application and if it's still sour then gently suggest a feminine hygiene product...which
    being the gent should have in your kit. Of course a good Texas Bar-B-Q sauce works wonders...
  3. I favour tabasco sauce. You have to tie them up first of course.
  4. :? ...Do that mean that Transgendered Matelots will have to have their own separate heads, ablutions and bunks..... and what if the sub only has room for hot-bunking..... will you be allowed to sniff the sheets, mattreses etc..... :p

    ..Maaatrooon... I've forgotton to take me Meds ag :lol: ain....
  5. FFS it's bad enough when one of them suffers PMS/PMT on the surface, but imagine half a dozen or more in a confined space.
  6. What's the ditty?

    "No sea to rough,
    No muff too tough,

    we dive at Five"

    I think ther's another line?