Discussion in 'Sappers' started by plant_op_till_i_die, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Is there anyone out there in the wide world of the corps who can still recite this? :?

    The last time i saw or heard this was at 25 engr regt in 1999, Stretch New recited it at our sqn xmas dinner. Absolutely quality. But seen as we are losing the old and bold, is there anyone out there who can recite it?

    Just a quick topic to see if the corps is losing some of its tradition, as it seems that not alot of people now the songs anymore. :evil:

  2. I beleive this is what you are looking for :?

    A Salute To The Engineers

    Now the Lord of the Realm has glorified the Charge of the Light Brigade,

    And the thin red line of the Infantry, when will their glory fade?

    There are robust rhymes on the British Tar and classics on Musketeers,

    But I shall sing, till your eardrums ring, of the Muddy Old Engineers.

    Now it's all very fair to fly through the air, or humour a heavy gun,

    Or ride in tanks through the broken ranks of the crushed and shattered Hun.

    And its nice to think when the U-Boats sink of the glory that outlives the years,

    But whoever heard an haunting word for the Muddy Old Engineers?

    Now you musn't feel, when you read this spiel, that the sapper is a jealous knave,

    That he joined the ranks for a vote of thanks in search of a hero's grave

    No your mechanised cavalrys' quite alright and your Tommy has drained few peers,

    But where in hell would the lot of them be, if it weren't for the Engineers,

    Oh they look like tramps but they build your camps and sometimes lead the advance,

    And they sweat red blood to bridge the flood to give you a fighting chance

    Who stays behind when its getting hot, to blow up the roads in the rear?

    Just tell your wife she owes your life to some Muddy Old Engineer,

    Some dusty, crusty, croaking, joking Muddy Old Engineer.

    No fancy crest is pinned to their chest, if you read what their cap badge says,

    Why 'Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense' is a queersome sort of praise,

    But their modest claim to immortal fame has probably reached your ears,

    The first to arrive, the last to leave, the Muddy Old Engineers,

    The sweating, go getting, uproarious, glorious Muddy Old Engineers.

    Attributed to Cpl Claude Radley RCE who wrote this poem while serving with 18 Fd Coy RCE in 1942.
  3. cheers rob, i do have a copy of the salute but i was just wondering if anyone new it. Lots of young lads coming through today that do not learn anything about corps history or the songs and was wondering where it has all gone wrong.

    People couldn't even follow me in a chorus of we are in the sqn bar, just looked at me as though i was stupid :x :x Wondered if this was as big a problem corps wide as it seems
  4. Yep I think gone are the days of falling off tables singing "sunshine montain". We tried(and failed) to try to introduce things back to where they should be, unfortunately the Mighty Playstation won!
  5. surely some re-education is needed as we are looking likely to lose what we stand for. I don't care what anyone says, the songs and the time in the bars have made us and shown the army who and what we are.
  6. sorry, forget to mention the stirling work we do as well!!!!!! :oops:
  7. To right planty young uns today don,t know Feckall about Corp history especially the bits of it that took place in all them bars throughout the "civilised" world.
  8. The loss of all the little bits of tradition which we all took for granted do seem to be lacking in today’s young soldiers.

    Is this a bad thing, not for me to decide. But we should move back to training our recruits at Gibraltar barracks and have the best and the brightest train these young people (Interspersed by a good sprinkling of experienced and seasoned veterans)(that’s something you couldn’t write a few years ago)

    I don’t usually like the brain washing you get with the American system, but we could use a longer basic training which has more of a spirit of Corp values. The recent shortening of these courses needs to be reversed. Partly to beat the soft civiy out of the lads, and additionally to improve their chances when they move from training straight to a deploying squadron.

    Conclusion. Better, longer more focused training bringing back a bit of tradition and the regimental spirit. Might just improve survival on the battlefield and would be a good start at improving retention.

    And if the cost is an issue, cut back on MP’s allowances, its about time they took a hit for sending us all to war.
  9. I agree with all thats been said and have said it myself Phase 1 should be taught at Gib barracks. IT gives you pride when you pass out having earned the right to wear the Badge of an Engineer and then earn your lanyard too. Makes you proud to wear them. Unless somethings done soon we will loose that what makes us the best Corps and fade away and become like the really large corps... Crap
    Bring back the old days of HAVING FUN thats what made us great FUN and there is no longer any of it
  10. I think 3 weeks 'Bar songs, Bar Building and History' should now be added to the criteria at Gib. Somehow I don't think the CRE would commision it though.
  11. Bar songs give it a rest that might turn into drinking and then !!!!!!!
    someone might call naked bar!!!! the shock of it
    I had an old OC run out of our squadron bar coz there were naked blokes in it Fcuking fairy
  12. ....was this our old oc keefy?
  13. The very one Lord fcuking farquar
  14. What kind of man was he?

    Mrs hurrahfortheRE has benn to many a Sqn Bar and only once has she left in disgust.

    However, Armd troop were having a game of naked Euchre, fair one, but it's when the loosing team had to set their pubes on fire, that the smell overwhelmed her and she had to leave, along with half the bar though.

    Naked bar, the OC should have called it.
  15. LOL I thought I recognised the incident......

    .....if I remember correctly he wasn't very impressed with arse darts and piss drinking in the falklands either.....