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I have a problem when im getting some in at the gym, whenever i do Cardio work, i start to get a Mucus build up at the back of my throat, which i can't seem to clear and it makes me feel nauseaous, which is generally the end of that set!

It seems to happen randomly, i try and clear my nose before i start but that tends to make it worse!
Im sure it's linked to the fact that i get regular nosebleeds, which i presume is in turn linked to my being a complete idiot when i was younger and effectively "sandblasting" my nasal passages.

Is there any way i can avoid the mucus build up? Having something cauterised has been suggest to help the nosebleeds, would that help the Mucus issue?

Perhaps having a pocket full of Vicks Vapour-rub?

Any help is greatly appreciated,
Thanks in advance,

lol @ 5.56

do you have or perhaps developed any allergies or hay fever ? try havin a chat with the doc or nip down to the local chemist and chat to the pharmacist, there are all kinds of nasal sprays, lotions and potions that may help (being a physio noses really aren't my thing!).
5.56, appreciate the help.

ninek, im not allergic to anything as far as i know, and i don't think that it is hay fever as it doesn't seem to be linked to pollen.

Also, it doesn't seem to be linked to excersize, iv'e woken up with shite in the back of my throat.

I just can't get rid of the damn stuff!
When I'm in a gym I suffer from this, but when I'm out and about I just spit it out (disgusting I know) and sometimes take a snotrag to clear my nostrils, at the end of my run I feel like I can breathe so much easier.

I have had a nosebleed a few times, I'm an ex smoker, I have smoked on and off since I was a teenager, and no matter how fit I get I still gasp for air and wheeze after the first mile, even if I'm finding it easy going and feeling fresh.

I think the damage to my lungs has already been done, in the same way that you damaged yourself (altough I never snorted coke just smoked a lot of cigs and also a bit of waccy baccy many years back in my teens), I don't think it'll ever go away.
I used to smoke too, doesn't bode well does it!

Yes it's not normally a problem when im pn the roads as i can just be disgusted whislt im snorting and gurgling my way through a run.

Be glad when 5.56 recovers, if he knows what it is :)
A friend of mine has the same problem and the doc recomended that they stay away from all dairy product. Its seems to have worked, maybe give it a try?
Good Morning SparkySteve,

I know what you are talking about, I too used to suffer from this. Used to evem manage to get it on a 1.5 mile run, used to be agonising. I sounded like I had really bad asthma, wheezing, couging, spluttering. Sadly havent found out what it is called, I remember talking about it on runners world a while back. Post excerise something, ill still have a look though. Try taking some cough mixture should melt the shite at the back of your throat before you go for a run.

If you wake up with this stuff in your throat, get it checked out mate. May be an infection of some kind. I remember when I had a chest infection I used to get out of breath and feel nauseas walking to the other side of my room.

Hopes this helps, I am still looking for the name of that condidtion.
I found that cold air has an effect on the lungs and mucus production - the colder the weather, more mucus etc. Oh and too many dairy products increase the production of mucus so it may be worth cutting out some milk, yoghurts and chocolate.
I certainly have a large amount of Milk and Cheese in my diet at the moment (Ever had dry Wheatabix??) and will try and cut them down.

It's crippling, as soon as i start to feel sick, that's generally Endex!

Thanks for the help, feller.
Dairy has bacteria in it...which causes mucus and flem in certain people that are sensitive to it like you have some people that are sensitive to yeast and cant eat bread or wheat. It might not be the problem but its worth a try it helped my friend? You can still drink Milk in your coffee just buy Alpro Soya milk it tastes just the same
SparkySteve said:
I certainly have a large amount of Milk and Cheese in my diet at the moment (Ever had dry Wheatabix??) and will try and cut them down.

It's crippling, as soon as i start to feel sick, that's generally Endex!

Thanks for the help, feller.
Yes I eat dry weetabix :lol: no serisouly I do 8)
Sunny-C said:
Sh*t that must be DRY mate!!
Quite Nice!

Steve, start to cut out some off the dairy products not all of them because they contain nutrients vital to you but cut out the unessecary stuff. It will take a while to see the effects but it should help.

Keep us posted with your progress and good help.

PS. Contact me for advice on eating dry weetabix.
I'l start with Coffee Mate instead of Semi-Skinned :)

Thanks for the advice lads, although id rather just ram some fruit down my gullet than crunch through dry Wheatabix :)
The missus had a problem with dairy, mucus etc. She was allergic to all dairy products which made he produce excessive mucus (nasal, easy tiger)
She put up with it by just avoiding the old dairy products. The a chance conversation with a work mate pointed her to nasal polyp (something id mentioned a few years back but got the old Foxtrot Oscar). So off she pops to the ENT dept and would you credit it its nasal polyps.
Had the surgery to remove them which is vey painful for a few weeks afterwards. She has now stopped with her dairy allergy, no more mucus and she has clapped on loads of weight making up for a 10 year famine of galaxy. The specialist did mention the sme symptoms can occur with asprin and salycitate (which is in just about everything!!!)
Just being for a run was quite cold, so caused me to produce mucus more than usual. My knee feels as though its going to fall off, oh well nothing a bit of beer can't cure.
I ran fine the other night, it was last night in the Gym that it was more prominent. Im fairly sure it's not an infection, i don't feel any other symptoms.
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