MUCKERS (one for the darksiders)

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dubb_al_Ibn, Jul 22, 2006.

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  1. On another (more salacious) thread, Subsonic mentioned the Ay Nik Theatre Club which brought back some memories (15 years ago ?). However, last night I had a strange dream that I was doing a Mucker's Run and had forgotten what the honourable members of a certain troop had ordered.

    What did you order on the Mucker's Run (or did you go for the MMG bacon butty) ?
  2. Muckers - the best cure for a hangover in the world-a bacon, egg and haloumi roll and a can of pop-plus getting you Turkish car insurance for next to nothing for your next trip over the line to stock up on Efes.

    They also did the biggest plate of beans on toast in the world (well, Ay Nik anyway), with cheese on top.
  3. Ah....Efes. Streets ahead of Carlsberg or Keo. Although for a non-alcholic drink the Mucker's pint of banana milk with ice takes some beating.

    Serious question, .....Brown or red sauce on haloumi ?
  4. I would like to vote the 'Weekend Brunch' option at Chickkers J Ranks Mess as THE best hangover cure...............

    And it means the your puke is solid at midday on saturday.........

  5. red on haloumi and brown on the beans
  6. It's all coming back to me... sending the sprogs out for a muckers tart, how we roared.

    No sauce on Halloumi tho, just bacon, tomato and mayo, lots of black pepper and inside a toasty Cypriot bap. Can't fault that after another quality sesh in Dino's.
  7. Is a SPROG like an EWOP ?

    SPecial Radio Operator, General purpose...., perhaps.

    "I'll get me coat"
  8. Ahhh! Muckers run.Perfect after a late one at Bamboos.Mine was a halloumi roll with salad cream and can of Sprite.
  9. Halloumi with fish fingers and peanut butter. First created as a bet then taken on as the best way of seeing you through a random R Sigs "clean everything in sight, again" festival. Ahh, how I miss my role models in the Supvr R trade stream. Turned me to an early heart attack and beer.
  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I don't know about 'Muckers' but this stirs memories of Mr Mac's curry pie run in HQ BF Belize. Nothing better as a mid-morning hangover cure than five tiny, hot (in both senses) meat pies with a large mug of coffee. If we hadn't been sweating so much, we'd have wound up looking like Michelin men...
  11. I don't actually remember eating anywhere else apart from Muckers, 2nd Georges and Chris' Kleftiko for 6 years. I certainly never ate in the cookhouse. Muckers must have taken the majority of my money in the form of Ham & Mustard sarnies, at least 6 a day.
  12. Never mind muckers, what happened to Mr Pandy??
  13. Ahhh, Pandy's....... They used to starch and iron my underpants. It was only after I got married that I discovered that wasn't normal.
  14. bamboo meze, 2nd georges pepper steak and excellent tashy, and muckers foir everything else (!including the not so legal)
  15. The Green Garden if you was feelin posh-also the Chippy down at the beach in Dekhelia