Much to my annoyance.,.. the army intern program

Mr Happy

This is just a rant.

Happy Jnr turned 18 in Jan and like many A Level students is looking at universities. His mother and i however suspect he needs a bit more..... responsibility. Nearly all the intern programmes out there are for uni-leavers but I figured, maybe the military can give him what he needs, god knows it helped me enormously. The RAF, RM and RN do not run one as it turns out, but the army does - OK, not my first choice but good enough.

And then I find out that the cut off for applications is December 31st 2021 for a September 2022 start. What exactly do these people need 9 months to select and pre-authorise an intern for? FFS. If they had a bit more smarts they'd have the cut off after the A-Level results in order to capture students that hadn't got the results they wanted. Not December the year before..... FFS.
It’s a Gap Year Commission by another name.

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