Mubarak wheeled into court

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pp0470, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. What shame? Yes, he was a ****. However:

    a) He could have fled the country, but didn't.
    b) Lynching him in this manner will do nothing but make him a martyr.
    c) He's almost certainly going to be replaced by an even bigger ****.
  2. Russia is going exactly the same way. Extention of Presidential terms to 6 years and no limit to the number of terms that can be served.

    Wonder how that will turn out....
  3. The rider changes; the whip remains the same.
  4. a) I thought he was in denial (no, he was in cairo) till the very end?

    b) Lynching?? It's a public trial in a court of law with the worlds media watching! The only person who will call him a martyr is his Swiss Accountant

    c) 'Almost certainly' - lets hope not. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Muslim Brotherhood fair/act/perform.
  5. The cage is not to protect the court, it's to protect the Mubaraks!

    How many of their former lackeys are currently shitting themselves and squirrelling money away in case he squeals like a pig (a halaal one of course)

    What? Largely peaceful, with huge public backing and now using an open court of law to try this pathetic ****. Sounds like a good start to me.
  6. I bet you're fun to have at the dinner table.
  7. This is a country where errant school children are humiliated in front of all the other pupils in the school yard. Their misdemeanors are read out over a megaphone to ensure that everyone, including most of the surrounding neighbourhood, knows what they have done,. Subtlety is not widely understood by the Egyptians.

  8. Are you his Mum?

    And no, I won't leave him alone - the man hasn't even got the dignity to stand up and look his accusers in the eye. Pathetic.
  9. The first shot of him this morning on the BBC coverage was of him picking his nose. Most dignified.
  10. Whilst his alleged crimes are heinous, and do not think I am condoning his activities, everyone has the right to a little dignity. Parading an allegedly very sick man in such a fashion serves no useful purpose other than to heap derision on his peers. Expect some here are hoping that a video of him dying in the courtroom will be posted on YouTube!!
  11. I'm just amazed he stayed in the country to face trial when he'd have been welcomed with open arms and given the very highest standards of care in Saudi Arabia, like so many other homicidal despots.
  12. As was the late "Idi Amin"!
  13. Noir, I'm quite westernized and I think it looks ****ing great! Theatrical maybe, but long overdue justice all the same.

    What is your first language Noir? (Just interested)