MUAV/ TUAV Re-trade

As the title says i'm thinking of a retrade to UAV, i have a few questions that need answers.
1. As far as i'm aware 47 and 32 Regt are the only RA UAV Regiments however, i've heard rumours that 5th Regt are now using DH3, is there any truth to the rumour and is it to become a permanent fixture
in the Regiment?
2. Secondly if i decide to go with DH3 rather than go through the UAV pilot selection course and end up on Watchkeeper, what do i need to do to become pilot qualifyed?
3. What is promotion and the career structure like within these Regiments?
4. What are the accomodation and other facilities like at 47 and 32, ie do LBdr's get their own rooms?

Many Thanks
Q1. Correct only 32 & 47 use TUAS and MUAS.
Q2. MUAS is easier to master, CRA Pt 2 is pre requisite tho before going onto MUAS courses.
Q3. Promotion fairly good if you become a remotely controlled aircraft operator, (note: you aint a pilot) within the TUAS stream. There are kids knocking about the Regiment now who have been promoted very quickly as certain roles require a higher rank.
Q4. All accom is Z type, ie every one has his/her own wnak chariot. facilities!! have you ever been to Larkhill? its the centre of the universe lol, it aint that bad, London is an hour away as is Southampton, Cardiff, Bournemouth.

Your best bet is to ring the the RCMO or if you are already RA speak to one of the BSM's.

By the way, were you in Okehampton April/May?

If you have any other questions PM me.
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