MTRP Promotion Issue

Im expecting to come off the board this week for promotion i transferred from the RLC from high pay band and i am on MTRP for 2 years this ends 26 Sept i cant be promoted until 1 Oct is there anyway of preventing my pay from dropping to Low pay band then on promotion to Cpl reverting back to the same pay im already on for another year. This would be 3 years in a row for me at the same pay level its demoralising i was under the impression that if i kept up my end of the bargin by being promoted at the earliest possible oppertunity that i would not loose out through transfer.
Firstly, don't assume promotion is your right or 'in the bag' - Secondly, MTRP always have an end date - this is deemed to be a point in time that gives you a reasonable amount of time to 'catch up' either by seniority or with future promotion. If by chance you have not caught up in a maner stated then you will drop to the correct level comensurate to your rank and seniority for the trade/arm you transfered into - this would have been part of your TACOS on transfer, that you will have signed an agreement to ...
Just been informed today that im being promoted so its "in the bag" as you would say happy days and i have promoted in the shortest possible time frame that i could have my issue is that on the 26th sept i will be dropped down to level 9 low pay band then givin a PID 4 days later into a CPLs slot so my wage will then go to level 1 High pay band this is the same amount im earning just now so i will effectivly be paid the same wage for 3 years.
Congratulations on your promotion. Sounds pretty cack to me but unfortunately the way the big green fighting machine is at the moment, anything to save money, you may be lucky and they may stick you acting into that slot prior to you being dropped to LPB
Or you could count yourself lucky you have not been made redundant and get on with it, thanking PayWallah599 in the process for stating something you should have already have known! Interested to know how you think that being put into a Cpl's PID will mean that you will get a pay rise? You will only get the money if you are promoted to Cpl (and then only acting unless you have completed your necessary CLM requirements already). Have you been told that your have been selected for promotion or receive promotion on x date?
from the info you have given I can't see a way you will not drop - but saying that I dont see how you will remain on the same rate of pay - I assume you are currently on LCpl L9H ???? if thats the case then when you drop to LCpl L9L and increase of 2% (which is what you must achieve on promotion) will be less than you are on now !!!! ... but on the up side at least you have promoted which I assume (again) that you would not have done had you stayed RLC - so in real terms you are better off - now you can progress up the Cpl spine as apposed to sitting at LCpl Level 9 for the rest of your life ???? Oh - and congrats on the promotion !!!!

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