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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by kipper, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. How does this transaction work? Is it more of a promotion, or do you just have to pass a standard test and you get the title (like all the MTQ's)?

  2. It is an apopintment and not a promotion. MTQ3 is just the final phase of training ergo JUO's will have undergone/be undergoing MTQ3 as would any other OCdt. Those appointed to JUO posts are usually fulfilling the role of a Pl/Tp Sgt in all practical terms.
  3. Two different things here.

    MTQ 3 and JUO

    MTQ 3 is a training course / qualification which essentialy mirrors Module 3 of the TA Commisioning Course run by district training centres and passing which is a mandatory requirement for attending the TACC at RMAS.
    The MTQ3 course in OTC terms is typically run as a 9 day camp around Easter. The badge associated with MTQ 3 is a three stripe officer cadet badge.

    JUO - Junior Under Officer is a local unit appointment made by the commanding officer. Some OTCs are are restricting JUO appointments to those who have attended and passed MTQ3.

    JUOs are typically appointed to the position of platton commander ( if no 2 Lt available) , platoon sgt and as the senior officer cadet in individual sub units. The badge is a curly wurly officer cadet badge.
  4. MTQ3 is the same syllabus and does the same as Module 3 TAPO. It will now be called module 3. SOme OTCs run it as a cadre at annual camp as a combined leadership/selection cadre for JUOs and to train TAPOs. Better than selecting JUO/SUOs on bar reputation.
  5. Oh right ok cheers. Its just at my OTC (Oxford) we have about 16 or so, just training the MTQ1s.
  6. Nonsense. OTC is all about your bar reputation.
  7. This is unfortunately true of some JUOs which has meant that there are many utterly mince JUOs who are an embarrassment on Ex.
  8. Why be a JUO, when you can earn more money as a subbie?
  9. Not everyone wants to be a subbie? I can think of plenty of fluffy JUO's that would simply die at the thought of Sandhurst
  10. [Pulls up sandbag]. All the fun of being a JUO was removed when they stopped our right to sign chits, it was the only perk. IMHO gun troop JUO-ships usually made sense as they only went to command appointments, and although that meant more than a fair share, they usually went to good guys. Of course, if you were no good in the bar then chances of getting on in UOTC Gunnery were pretty slim anyway!
  11. The whole JUO process it obviously very different from one OTC to the next. I've heard of some corps that have twenty something subbies and a handful of JUO's whereas my own OTC has precisecly zero in terms of subbie-age and we have our own fleet of JUO's scampering about the corps doing everything from bodding it on exercise right up to Platoon Commander, CSM and everything in between.

    There are no MTQ-3 requirements either. It runs on a mong Vs not a mong basis. If you are a pretty monged cadet you'll probably not get promoted. If you know one end of your rifle from the next then you probably will get promoted. This is not the rule though. Their are definetly folks that I think should be JUO's and definetly others that should not. This is usually caused through people either not sucking up in the correct places or not talking loud enough at the right times, and others, that wouldn't know their arrse from their cocking handle taking advantage of 'promotion by proxy', 'the random promotion generator' and 'promotion by pestering' approach.
  12. Wow this is all very interesting - do you think they let JUOs command anything other than their own bootlaces in the real army - or is it just in grown up cadets?
  13. Rug-Rat, you have either been in a very poorly run OTC or were a very bitter OCdt who never made the grade, the latter would make more sense of your bitter ill-informed post. Most JUO's in the OTC in which i am part of would sail through sanhurst with the ease and style that has long been missing from young officers in the regular army!!!!!
  14. While not disagreeing with you entirely... Alright, I am really.
    "Most JUO's...would sail through sanhurst [sic] with ease and style..." You can't possibly mean this.
  15. Well 40-45% of the intake at RMAS (reg) are from the OTC and a good proportion of those must have been JUOs (or 2lts). I have been fairly impressed with the JUOs at an OTC where they are chosen after the MTQ3 (8day) cadre.