MTQ2 - The final countdown

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by I_am_Dangerous, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. At last the weekend to finish it - its been a long time coming but will be rewarding to finish it - then I can get to work removing all Ptn Attack stuff from my nyrex and replacing it with pretty pictures :wink:
  2. bit of combat porn for a covert ****, just dont let anyone borrow your nyrex!
  3. stupid auto censoring system. *= wa nk
  4. Not the final countdown if you fail :lol:
  5. Why not mix the two? Carry out a successful attack whilst having a combat w*nk. :D
  6. Mwah, I passed, time for the filthiest nyrex in the coy!

    In response to warry type stuff question, front half serious, back half fun.

    And will save the back half for when I am firmly in my w#nk charriot and all the sentries have drifted off!!!
  7. Only just passed?? We had a 100% pass rate and got our lads through it by end of October!
  8. well done you. Standards are clearly slipping. :p
  9. Without starting a "my Unit is better than yours" argument, are you absolutely certain you fulfilled all of the criteria for MTQ2?
    This was part of the justification for the extension (which, in hindsight, I now think was a bloody good idea!) of the MTQ2 training programme here.
  10. yep.

    Now on to troop training (while it lasts!) :roll:

    Whats that you say? Team in or F*** off? :wink:

    Also anyone from the Logs troop on here? I wish to complain about my battle taxi on route to do the CTR on Saturday night....your driving was shyte!.
  11. Just out of curiosity, what do you all keep in you Nyrex? I'm just restructuring mine after photocopying everything for the MTQ2 guys I was teaching, and I'm bored out of my skull. 3rd year Dissertation was never going to be fun, and there's another one coming next year. Bollocks!

    Any amazing, pant-moistening porn to share?

    Is it time for a 'What do you keep in you Nyrex' thread?
  12. lets see, i have the usual inserts for Plt attacks, inserts for Gun No. 1's half of which i dont actually use, a whole bunch of aide memoire crap and lots of dirty, stinking cheap Razzle porn! more for morale of me bunnies than actual relief material!
  13. Gun No. 1, eh? See, I've got my FOO stuff in mine. Perhaps we know each other? Going to Courses Camp this year?
  14. its my final year but im going to try and blag my way on in a DS role or something. I can drive the trucks too so might try and do that, 2 weeks pay for doing that sounds better than a summer job on my local industrial estate!
  15. People have tried and failed before to become the DS, so good luck to you.

    Forget the money, think of the partying!