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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Pillager, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. I am asking this for a friend:

    I had spent a year already with the TA prior to university, and was doing quite well for myself. On coming to university I joined the OTC but recieved a substantial injury that resulted in me spending several months in plaster. I have therefore not been attending weekends or drill nights for the last year. Bearing in mind my previous experience with the TA will I be able to join MTQ2 directly this september or will I be asked to sit through the MTQ1 lessons (again) as a relative newcomer?

    thanks for any help anyone can offer.

    Pillagers mate.
  2. You haven't said if you've completed basic training which may have some effect on this.


    Much of this is down to CO's policy, some will say everyone must do MTQ1 others will say you can go straight to MTQ2 in certain circumstances. Likewise is there a precident for this.

    Why not see if your friend can sit the MTQ1 exams prior to the new term, if they pass this then they can go straight to MTQ 2. The OTC may well be doing retest for those who couldn't do (or pass!!) the original exams. If they achieve the standand no reason for them not to go straight to MTQ2.
  3. Sorry for the thread resurection. I seem to remember hearing once that the MTQ1 and 2 were equivalent to some sort of City and Guilds qualification or NVQ. That ring any bells?
  4. Our OTC would let you go straight to MTQ2 IF you had done basic training ie were a trained soldier. PM for more.
  5. MTQ2 entitles you to the a City & Guilds lvl 2 qualification in Leadership. It costs some money to claim - speak to your RAO.

    I think it's an NVQ, although the word 'NOMEC' is wandering through my brain in search of something to connect with re: this.

    Far as I know, no-one in our unit with MTQ2 has ever bothered to claim this.

  6. As far as I know, I think it's down to the CO's discretion as to whether you can/cannot enter directly at MTQ2 level. A lot don't by their own choice.
  7. Pillager, why not just ask your OTC? Without knowing which UOTC you are at no-one on here can give you a definitive answer.
  8. Cheers.
  9. COMEC actually,
    and we were all actively encouraged to apply for it last year. Cost was roughly £20, and apparently it looks dead good on your C.V. Obviously because the prospective employer doesnt know your "management" experience consists of sitting in a field somewhere shouting "delta go left flanking" whilst attempting to shake off the previous nights hangover