Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by rockapeMk2, Oct 11, 2004.

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  1. Bonjour good people and all that.

    Im off on ULOTC selection this weekend and will pass (big head i know!)
    My question is am i able to join in with other training weekends that might be happening before i pass my MTQ1?
  2. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Yes. Get in as many as you can. Especially the Troop training ones.
  3. Yeah especially live firing with the artillery troop. (that huge gun you saw in the drill hall)
  4. No, no! Don't be taken in by the big guns!
    Just because they're big, doesn't make them impressive! :D
  5. Macks you've obviously never fired one
  6. Nice nice, look forward to it.

    Unfortunatey im looking at infantry weekends mainly, cant resist a good beasting you know! Although smashing off a 105 does sound good.
  7. Try to get onto troop weekends as most of the time there are spasces but do a few Athlone wekends first to either refresh your skills or learn the OTC way of doing things. Anyway troop stuff doesn't happen until after christmas ('cept piss ups).

    Good luck with selection, the only way to avoid getting in is by failing the medical. Hey they even let me in long ago.......
  8. Yes, careful on the medical! Have discovered that one of the POCdts, despite passing RCB with the same injury, failed OTC Med, thus losing his Busary! Not a happy chappy I've heard.
    Orifice, of course I've fired one! I just don't take as much pleasure in big long objects going off in my face. :twisted:
    But in all seriousness, Orifice has a point. Gun Troop are the only ones who do live firing in the field, and you'll get to drink from a Tankard too!
  9. It always baffles me how some fat socially challenged types get into some UOTC's on a yearly basis.... faith in the system.... maybe not.

    anyways that's my third rant for the day out of the way hence now I'm feeling better!

    Anyone doing Cambrian this year?
  10. Agree with you on that one, however the socailly challenged ones worry me more!
  11. Ah, the social hand-grenade.
    How I look forward to one going off! :twisted:
  12. Social hand grenades make OTCs more fun. With no nasty drill sergeant type to mutually despise the socially challenged type is good for building teams! Anyway anyone from my year should know that they can eventually get the hint and leave!
  13. Aah the "L1A2 Object, Hate"

    Had a few of those sorts who did the same pretty sharpish.... might've been summat to do with being dicked for every shitty job.
  14. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    The bloke I think Stav refered to hung around for a full 18 months before having the hint spelt out to him in no uncertain terms (during a dinner night nobody spoke to him at all).

    Amonst his favourite antics was trying to persuade some of the better looking girls that he had shagged 60+ women, later when the abuse and derision started to fly he admitted he was a virgin, and because we were taking the piss, we were all racist... Cnut.
  15. We had one up our northern way manage the full three years, despite failing MTQ2 twice and not making a single friend!

    You've got to feel sorry for anyone that socialy defunct!