Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by bucky, Dec 28, 2005.

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  1. I am currently doing MTQ 3. Has anyone else done it or doing it?

    If so what are your thoughts on it?
  2. We assume you mean you will be doing it in the near future - MTQ3 being the Yooni nomenclature for Module 3 of the TACC and which us old and bold still think of as Battle Camp.

    If it's run properly it should mirror exactly the FTX Elms of Mod 4 (The RMAS Component). It should be physically demanding, tiring (very) and seek to test your ability to function and contribute effectively at all levels from rifleman to Pl Comd whilst under extremes of pressure.

    As with so much Offr Trg (and again if run properly) it will be one of those courses which you never want to do again but which forms some of your best memories and greatest sense of achievement. (Although for that particular mood there is nothing I have yet experienced to compete with Sandhurst itself.)
  3. What exactly do you want to know about it? Your best bet is to talk to recently commissioned TA officers, they'll probably have a really good idea about it (other than the DS of course)
  4. bucky-which otc you with?? I'm going to be doing mtq 3 myself when we get back after the winter break
  5. he is glasgow
  6. Yeah I am Glasgow. I was basically looking for peoples opinion of MTQ 3. Did you enjoy it? or did you think it was death by orders lol?

    I have a weekend not too far in the future where I have to give a set of orders,for what I think will be a deliberate attack, which are then going to be carried by some of our guys who need to practice their platoon attacks.

    A scary first for me :D
  7. It is pretty much death by orders, but that is the only way you'll ever get good at them. By doing them over and over again you'll really get a grip of the process, so if it seems bone at the time just remember that it's going to pay off when you have to do your exam and you're under time pressure.
  8. Having completed Mod. 3 this year I would whole heartedly agree with abacus's comments and he should certainly know.

    Its very tiring and cold. Be fit and have 'fun'...

    Sorry Abacus. Brain in neutral.
  9. I did Mod 3 last summer (04) and then the TACC this summer (05). If you are confident with giving orders then it will make the course much easier, but also remember that the practise will make Sandhurst so much easier! Though there is something about the place that gives you the sufficient kick up the proverbial that will help you pull it out of the bag! I did Mod 3 with the TA (I was with the OTC previously) and I have to say that from talking to both TA and OTC people, the TA version seemed to be a bit more demanding. I am sure that this varies from OTC to OTC, but if you can then get yourself on a TA Mod 3 course too. I can recommend good training teams if you PM me. One thing to remember (and I have first hand experience of this) is that not everyone in the OTC wants to commission, therefore just goes along for the ride so to speak. Whereas TA Mod 3's are full of people who genuinely want to get to Sandhurst (well 99% of the time!) and the attitude is infectious and rubs off on you.

    Ultimately you have to remember that a large chunk of Mod 3 and Sandhurst is not actually about tactics (as long as you don't do anything too daft!) but about your command and leadership qualities. And that is what will earn you your commission.

    Hope this helps.
  10. I think everyone is getting slightly confused here, BUCKY and myself are both at the same otc and are both doing mtq3. What this has involved so far has been a revision of the mtq2 sylabus and a wee bit of command tasks. We started this back in september and we are yet to do any fielcraft relating to what we have been studying, the only fieldtime we have got this year has been supporting the mtq 1+2 programs , and even then we are not always in command appointments,it has not even been confirmed if there will be a final battle camp/examination! The oc says we are doing mtq3 , but are we really????
  11. It's a tricky one. I think that all the OTCs are doing MTQ3 now with compulsory attendance. However all the TAPOs are doing Module 3 and they cannot attend the TACC without a pass. (I think it has to be a pass within 6 months of attending Sandhurst too). Having attended the TACC earlier this year I would say that there is a difference in the orders and command knowledge between TAPOs and OTC OCdts, mainly due to the TA battle camp ethos of Mod 3. If you are thinking of attending the TACC (which I would strongly recommend as I thoroughly enjoyed it!) then I would suggest getting yourself on a Mod 3. Does this make it any clearer?
  12. Sorry folks, I asked for pics to be removed because they showed a number of people who would not wish to have publicity drawn to them (and not just because I spotted at least 4 ARRSErs in there) plus myself who has had rather too much publicity of late :D

    No damage done lost_prophet - as much as we all like to think the World is fabulously interested in what we all get up to it probably isn't. Although I am, of course, fabulously interested in why you people are all on the PCs instead of out there training!!! I'm old and don't matter anymore, I've got an excuse. :lol:
  13. I think it should Tourettes. Although I must caveat that by mentioning that a few of us have been discussing whether the OCdt of today is required to be much more tactically aware than the OCdt of my day. I happen to think that they do and I am also keenly aware that DSing the Combat Estimate element of MTQ2/PRACTAC1 makes it blindingly obvious whether they can or not. (See 7Qs, Qs 4 & 6 for details (and it helps rather a lot with Q1 as "my lot" should be able to confirm :D))

    This is not a problem for any OCdt who does the full course or who is prepared to do extra to catch up on any part they have missed. And probably something that you would still scrape through on during 2006. But as a number of RTCs and LDSTT/LUOTC are continuously raising the bar with regards to standard of training (our Mod 2 now has 2 extra catch up/development weekends, 1 after w/e 4, 1 after w/e 8, for example) then it won't be long before the good old days of OTC OCdts using TACC as a "dip-the-toe-in-the-water" exercise for the Regular Course are finished.
  14. mini_rq. No confusion. Rather a lot of us who post regularly in both Just TA and OTC are very familiar with the various elements of MTQ and teh TACC Modular System.

    Best advice I can give you is to find the Argyll CSgt who is assisting on Wed nights and ask him. He will know.
  15. One thing I will say is that I felt with the mod 3 i attended that all the otc people where at a massive disadvantage because of the lack of info. I know the details reached our RHQ but they never made it too us. Similarly our MTQ 3 cadre are doing vy interesting stuff but nothing really that prepares you for Mod. 3. .

    Thus the course for us was a complete culture shock for all the otc people. We adapted and overcame and look back with 'memories' good and bad but i feel my unit not only dropped the ball on training but also info (we didnt know the whole thing was a battle camp despite repeated enquiries.) Similar comments also came from the other otc units that attended.

    But hey ho thats the way it goes i suppose. Meant some more hard work to catch up. It changed us all back at our unit but our Admin Vortex still unfortunatley cannot change...

    A big thankyou to those people who ran that course. It is the best thing that i have done with the otc.

    Abacus, btw have you seen that it is snowing outside! Why would i want to do that again...?!